21 Ways to Make Extra Money (No Survey Sites!)

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ways to make extra money

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Finding ways to make extra money is the cornerstone of paying off debt fast. No matter what profession you’re in or hours you work there are opportunities for you to increase your income.

Working extra hours at your job or negotiating a raise are the easiest ways to make more money. If you work during the day you can work part-time at night, if you have kids then there are a ton of work-at-home jobs, and if your weekday schedule is erratic then a weekend job might be right for you.

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Promoting yourself locally and to your Facebook friends will get you the most money but also consider using sites that solicit particular jobs because it’s easier to go where the buyers are than to attract them to yourself.

Here is a list of ideas to spark your imagination. Not all of them include active work, some are passive income, some of them require a little extra learning but none of them require a degree. And most important, there is virtually no start up cost.

Ways to Make Extra Money at Night

Nick Loper has a great catch phrase on the Side Hustle Show, “Your 9-5 makes you a living, but your 5-9 makes you alive.” Night jobs don’t have be minimum wage soul-sucking events. The biggest bang for your buck is thinking outside the box.

1. Babysitting or House Sitting via Care.com or UrbanSitter
2. Drive Uber or Lyft
3. Shop for Instacart or Shipt
4. Tutor via Wyzant or StudyPool
5. Bartend/ Wait Tables

Ways to Make Extra Money on Weekends

You might have to give up some Saturday morning cartoons or Sunday afternoon naps for this one but you’ll get them back eventually!

6. Yard Work via Zaarly
7. Pet Sit via DogVacay or Rover
8. Clean Homes via Handy or Takl
9. Move Furniture via Thumbtack or TaskRabbit

Ways to Make Extra Money Reselling Goods

With a little research and creativity, you can make good money reselling used goods from yard sales and thrift stores or from sites like Alibaba. If that’s too much commitment try taking your gently used clothes, etc to resell stores.

10. Amazon FBA
11. Selling on eBay
12. Sell clothes to Plato’s Closet, Poshmark, or ThredUp
13. Sell used exercise equipment at Play it Again Sports or Swap me Sports

Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

Online work-from-home jobs are my favorite. I’ve spent many a morning up at 6:00 AM working on my computer before going into work. There’s also opportunity for passive income on some of these which make them sustainable in the long-term.

14. Virtual Assistant via 24/7 or Belay
15. Sell Your Designs on Zazzle, Cafepress, or Spreadshirt
16. Proofread & Edit via Scribendi
17. Teach a Course on Udemy or Skillshare
18. Search Engine Evaluation with Appen or Leapforce
19. Transcribe Audio on TranscribeMe or Rev

Ways to Make Extra Money by Renting

If you’re lucky enough to have something in-demand that you can rent out it’s a great way to earn income without much hard work, minus a little cleaning after.

20. A Room/ Your House on Airbnb or Homestay
21. Your Boat on Boatbound or GetMyBoat


ways to make extra money

22 Comments on “21 Ways to Make Extra Money (No Survey Sites!)”

    1. Yeah, it depends on how saturated the city is. But during big events like concerts and stuff everyone makes out pretty well! Thanks Sophia!

  1. These are fantastic ideas, especially the work from home ones. I know so many moms who desperately want to stay home with their kids, and these ideas would be a great way to make some extra cash!

  2. I’ve tried a few of these! I’ve had my best luck freelance writing and blogging, but I would like to get into virtual assistant work eventually.
    Brittany @ GraceLoveLife.com

  3. Awesome tips! I love that you skipped the review sites, thats always so annoying. I really like selling clothes to make some extra money. I’ll check out the virtual assistant too. Great way to make some extra cash!

  4. Teaching or creating a course is such a great idea! I’ve been taking tons of blogging courses lately and love that the pros are sharing their tips. It’s also a great way for the creators and affiliates to make money!

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