How to do Less Research and More Saving with the Squeeze App

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Sqeeze App Review

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I’m a self-proclaimed deal lover. Anytime I walk into a restaurant or pull into a store parking lot I’m searching my phone for a coupon or special to take advantage of. Yesterday I saw a coupon for the blinds we bought last week and I mourned over the $10 lost to corporate America. Sigh.

When it comes to recurring payments, like bills, I’m even more careful. My husband and I conduct hours of research, make lots of calls, and do a fair bit of negotiating to make sure we have the best deal on life essentials like internet and phone service.

And you know that’s what I encourage everyone to do. So when I was approached by Squeeze to give their new app a review I was very intrigued by what I saw. Squeeze is a free app that tracks your spending, analyzes your bills, and automatically compares prices to make sure you’re getting the lowest price. It’s like Expedia for cable and internet.

Shut the front door. What am I going to do with my free time now?


Seriously though, it’s a great concept that I was happily willing to share with you guys because I know not everyone is as neurotic about deal searching as I am. Even for me, there are only so many hours in the day and I want to use them as productively as possible. (Like finishing the first season of Westworld.)

So here’s how to use the Squeeze App in three steps.

  1. Create an account and pin
  2. Link your credit and debit cards in the “My Money” section
  3. Compare prices on services & see your spending history

Dat all!

Squeeze App Review

Squeeze uses bank level security and it’s straight forward in use. Every time you log in you’ll be prompted for your pin. The home screen has the Compare, Advice, and My Money bubbles always waiting for you. As soon as I got in I didn’t care about my spending, I wanted to see the savings.

I compared TV and internet. I liked the “cord cutting” section. You can compare prices on options like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc and total the ones you want to see if it’ll be cheaper than what you’re paying for cable. It also has a beautiful user interface that’s easy to navigate and not overwhelming like some apps (that you can tell are trying to do too many things at once.)

Squeeze App Review

When I compared internet service they didn’t include the company I use. Due to a recent merger and name change I thought they may have missed it. I reached out to Squeeze and they said they’re still adding companies but my provider now only offers bundles.

So don’t be troubled if you don’t see your plan on there, you’re probably the duck that lucked out. And there’s no budgeting integration. You can track your spending but if you’re looking to make a budget you’ll want to use something like Clarity or EveryDollar in addition.

On My Money, even though it’s not considered to be the premiere money tracking app, Squeeze actually excels beyond established apps in this area. It separates accounts, income, expenses, and bills in separate tabs. In the spent tab you can see transactions across all your linked cards in one spot and a graph of your spending. It also tracks spending data in real time so you can see overspending immediately

Squeeze App Review

On the horizon for Squeeze is the ability to compare credit cards, car loans, mortgages, and insurances such as health, life, auto, renter, and home. Features that will make this app even more attractive.

You can download the app for iOS here and let me know in the comments if you like it or you’re going to give Squeeze a try!

This Squeeze App review is sponsored by Squeeze. All opinions, pics, leaps for joy, and head tilts are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links.

Squeeze App Review

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