10 Series to Watch on Netflix When You’re Trying Not to Spend Money

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My favorite way to not spend money is Netflix + Chill.

Many a night have my husband and I weighed the option of going outside or staying in and watching TV. We’ve never paid for cable in our marriage so our options are limited to the Netflix account we share with our friend Jessica. Hi Jessica!

Paying off debt is more than working side jobs and saving money, it includes what we do for fun too, because you can’t (and shouldn’t) turn that part of yourself off for 2+ years.

Netflix isn’t the most productive use of your time but it is one of the most important. Netflix is as Millennial as avocado toast and beards. But you shouldn’t waste precious chill time deciding what show to watch. That’s where we come in.

You can trust us when we give you series recommendations because we’ve paid off over $66K in debt, that’s a lot of Netflix + Chill. If it wasn’t sunny 248 days out of the year in St. Pete, I would have a serious Vitamin D deficiency.

1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt is all of us. She’s just a 90’s girl trying to function in an adult world.

The premise sounds a little boring, girl gets saved from a doomsday cult bunker then moves to New York City to start over. But the cast really makes this one a watcher.

Watch if you like: The New Girl & 30 Rock

2. Stranger Things

This show is so goooood! You’ve probably heard about it by now but if you haven’t watched it, get to it before season 2 comes out this fall.

This show makes all your favorite 70’s and 80’s movie references. A rag tag group of boys find a girl with super powers and a friggin scary monster kidnaps their friend.

Watch if you like: The Goonies & Alien

3. Sherlock

The BBC version of Sherlock is hands down the best you can feast your eyes on. Sometimes you hate Sherlock and sometimes you love him but you always think he’s the best.

Each season has 3 episodes that are about an hour and a half each. You’ll breeze through this one then get depressed when you have to wait two years for the next season, just like the rest of us.

Watch if you like: Dr. Who & Psych

4. Daredevil

Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer vigilante with some sick fighting moves. In addition to fight scenes, it has a great storyline too.

Watch if you like: Law & Order & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

5. Arrow

I will never get over this dark and brooding anti-hero. He’s got a heart of gold that’s just misguided enough to make this show an on-the-edge-of-your-seater. And you might think this show is about Oliver Queen, but trust me, it’s really about Felicity Smoak.

Watch if you like: Lost & Gotham

6. The Flash

You have to watch Arrow and The Flash together, they’re part of the “Arrowverse.” The Flash starts after season 2 of Arrow and interchange characters throughout. It’s kinda fun to have multiple plotlines intertwining.

But The Flash stands on its own in terms of quality. The stories are sweet, intense, and weird all at the same time.

Watch if you like: Smallville & Heroes

7. Jane The Virgin

I did not watch this of my own volition. We lived with a guy who’s girlfriend loved it and every time it was on we’d get sucked into it. It’s over-the-top in all the right ways.

A virgin getting artificially inseminated sounds pretty cheesy, and it’s supposed to be at times, but the overall story is really compelling.

Watch if you like: Telenovelas & Modern Family

8. Parks & Recreation

Y’all should know about this show by now but just in case you’ve missed any episode ever, go back and just re-watch the whole thing.

This series includes the funniest people in comedy and none of them disappoint. I go back and watch an episode whenever I need a pick-me-up.

Watch if you like: The Office & Scrubs

9. House of Cards

I feel like House of Cards might be a documentary of our current political climate. But people say it’s just a TV show.

If you’re into all things slimy and political then this one’s for you, but don’t read too much into it.

Watch if you like: The West Wing & Scandal

10. Orange is the New Black

This show is funny, awkward, and dark. If that’s what you’re into you’re going to love OITNB.

Good girl Piper is sentenced to a year and a half behind bars for smuggling drugs for an old girlfriend. Need I say more?

Watch if you like: Weeds & That 70’s Show

What are your go-to series to watch on Netflix? Let me know in the comments!

Netflix shows to watch when I'm trying to avoid going out! I've seen some of these but some I never thought of, ready to netflix and chill lol.

37 Comments on “10 Series to Watch on Netflix When You’re Trying Not to Spend Money”

  1. Yes, Netflix is a millennials thing for sure! And I love it! I watch Gilmore Girls all the time on it… and I just started watching Riverdale – not sure if I’m gonna stay with it though…

    This was a super fun post, I’d love for you to share it with my community by linking up on Encouraging Hearts & Home, it just opened today for the weekend. I really hope you’ll stop by.


  2. I’m binging on The Blacklist right now, even though it’s technically not a Netflix original. However, GirlBoss is my jam, but only 1 season. 🙁 Also – Chelsea.

  3. I don’t remember life before Netflix…It is our go to for series and movies. Totally worth the subscription. Thank you for your recommendations. I actually haven’t watched most of them. I foresee hours of Netflix while blogging in my future!

    1. You’re welcome! I wish I could Netflix + Blog. My mind can only do one thing at a time! #horriblemultitasker

  4. I love Kimmy Schmidt! My husband and I have both Hulu and Netflix. We love Young and Hungry (it’s on Netflix). We love Brooklyn Nine Nine and This Is Us (both are on Hulu!)

    1. I have heard such great things about This Is Us! We don’t have Hulu but I’d love to get it one day!

  5. I watch a lot of the same series 🙂 Then there are shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Fall, The Killing, Luther, Broadchurch, Happy Valley, Top of the Lake, and Hinterland.

    1. I love Luther! So dark and broody and Idris Elba is very captivating! Also can’t wait to start Broadchurch, love by British shows!

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  8. Hi Jen! 😉 I love your list! You have many of my favorites on here and now that I have canceled my cable to save money (thanks to your influence haha) I will have to check out some of the ones I’ve seen you guys watching but haven’t gotten to yet myself!

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