Recommendations From the No-Spend Challenge Guide


Apps & Services

  • HabitBull– App to track your No-Spend days
  • EveryDollar– Budget tracking app
  •– Easily unsubscribe and “roll up” email subscriptions
  • Amino– Compare medical expenses to get the best price
  • Decluttr– Sell DVDs, CDs, games, and books (Get a free $5 when you enter code: savingfive at registration and complete an “order”)
  • Gift Card Granny– Discounted gift cards
  • Swagbucks– Complete surveys and tasks for gift cards
  • Ibotta– Get rebates on items purchased at major stores
  • Unroll.Me– Rolls up subscriptions into one daily email
  • StayFocusd– Free Chrome extension to block websites
  • LeechBlock– Free Firefox add-on to block websites
  • Icebox– Free Chrome extension to cut impulse spending
  • Freedom– Blocks money and time-wasting websites
  • Christian Healthcare Ministries– Healthcare sharing


Best Instagram Profiles & Hashtags

  • @debtfreeinsunnyca
  • @veefrugalfox
  • @thedebtfreecommunity
  • @thesavvysagittarius
  • @thepurposefulpenny
  • @savingwithspunk
  • #debtfreecommunity
  • #nospend
  • #nospendmonth

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