Recommendations From Meal Planning on a Budget


Recipe & Weekly Menu

  • Pinterest is my preferred way to store recipes.
  • Paprika is a free recipe-storing app with an intuitive user interface, easy navigation, and smart grocery lists.
  • Pepperplate is a similar free app that’s not as intuitive but is great for the iPad, if that’s your preferred device.
  • Download the free meal planning bundle and you’ll get my free printable menu
  • This is a dry erase menu board similar to what I use.
  • Facebook pages to follow for awesome cooking videos:

Grocery Shopping

Meal Prepping & Storing Essentials


Other Resources

My Favorite Meal Planning Service

If you simply can’t find the time or downright dread figuring out all this yourself Cook Smarts is the only service I recommend. Cook Smart’s was founded to help people do everything I covered in the book. Every week the service:

  • Creates a menu based on your diet
  • Generates a shopping list
  • Includes weekend meal prep guide
  • Provides relevant how-to cooking videos
  • Customizable portioning

Everyone gets three free weeks so it’s worth trying out at some point in your meal planning journey (trust me, I wrote a book on this stuff and even I need a little help now and then.)

Meal Planning Infographics

Click the links to pin or save (right click and select “Save As”) some awesomely helpful infographics. These are great to print and keep on hand as a reference. Visit my Infographics Pinterest board for more!