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eyebuydirect review

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This is my EyeBuyDirect review after wearing a pair of their frames for one year. Read until the end for an EyeBuyDirect coupon and tips for getting your frames right the first time.

After wearing eyeglasses for over 20 years not only do I feel very old, I also feel like I know a thing or two about glasses. I’ve bought countless frames in-store and switched to buying glasses online in 2012.

I’m frugal to my core so I don’t buy a lot of frames. I want the pair I buy to look cool, be of great quality, and not cost a lot. Is that so much to ask?

Last year I started wearing my glasses more for computer work I was doing with one of my side hustles. I realized it was a great time to get some new glasses because I could also write them off as a business expense!

My graphic designer friend showed off some new glasses on Instagram with Digital Screen Protection and she was raving. And for good reason, they were cute prescription glasses that protect your eyes for less than $40!

She told me they were from EyeBuyDirect, an online eyeglass store where prescription glasses start at $6!

I’ve been wearing my eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect for over a year now and in short: I love them.

EyeBuyDirect Stanford Frames

A quick selfie of me in my glasses from EyeBuyDirect

People always compliment them, and they’re sturdy as heck. I didn’t get $6 frames and I opted for lenses with digital screen protection but I saved so much money that it felt like I was getting those upgrades for free.

My Experience With EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect’s search bar allows you to search by gender, frame shape, material and size down to the millimeter. And if you have a unique prescription or lens need you can filter out non-compatible frames.

I knew I wanted frames made of acetate because of how durable the material is and in medium size. I landed on the Stanford frames pretty easily and they fit my face perfectly. Getting longer glasses was scary because I wasn’t sure how I would respond to the change in lens shape but I settled into them almost instantly.

How to Find the Perfect EyeBuyDirect Glasses for You

I suggest measuring your current glasses in millimeters and comparing them to the frames you’re interested in on the site. Don’t stress yourself out over a few mm like I did, the big difference is in the size category. I’ve been pretty happy with all my medium sized frames regardless of exact measurements.

the dimensions of my stanford frames

the dimensions of my stanford frames

You’ll need to have a current glasses prescription, which should include the sphere and cylinder for your right eye (OD) and left eye (OS), Axis and ADD. You’ll also need your pupillary distance. There are ways to check it yourself but I asked my doctor and she did it for me.

If you love getting new glasses every few months or like to have a few pairs at a time you’ll love the variety at EyeBuyDirect and you can definitely stick with cheaper frames. If you’re a one-frame woman like me then spring for the higher quality materials.

I’ll also note that RFLKT is their premium line; the frames include all the higher end materials, prescription lenses and UV protection. In my opinion, you can get all those features in their regular line and save about $20.

EyeBuyDirect vs. Warby Parker

My previous frames were from Warby Parker and I wanted to compare the two experiences in this EyeBuyDirect review.

And I’ll point out the obvious that EyeBuyDirect is much cheaper than Warby Parker. At WP I paid $125 for frames and compression lenses (which may be included now, would love to know from someone who’s ordered from them recently.) I can get the same premium frame and lenses at EBD for $50.

I was happy with my Zagg frames from WP but the drive behind switching was the Digital Screen Protection package.

Why I’m Obsessed with Digital Screen Protection Lenses

Millennials spend almost our entire day looking at one screen or another. Computers, phones, tablets, and TVs all emit blue-violet light that increases your risk for macular degeneration.

If you’re experiencing fatigue, headaches, and neck pain you may have eye strain due to blue-violet light. You might want to consider getting digital screen protection glasses even if you don’t have a prescription. And you won’t find them on Zenni, Coastal, or $39 Glasses. The only low-cost online store for them is EyeBuyDirect.

EyeBuyDirect has two options for digital screen protection lenses. The first is EBDBlue. It’s basically their premium lens with a film that filters out most blue-violet light.

The other option is Eyezen lenses. They’re the same as EBDBlue with a stronger blue light filter and added reading enhancement. Since my prescription is so high and I have slight astigmatism I had to get Eyezen lenses.

I see a huge difference between writing with my contacts in vs. my glasses. When I asked my doctor how much the Eyezen lenses would cost from her she said the lenses alone would be well over $100. I calculated I paid about $88.

EBDBlue is more affordable and my friend loves hers. I think they’ve expanded EBDBlue to cover my prescription too but I haven’t tried because my glasses are still kickin. Either way, as long as they continue to offer Digital Screen Protection, I’m a customer for life.

Let’s face it, it’s 2017 and if we don’t all want to go blind by 50, we need to protect our eyes. If you can’t spend less time in front of your screens then this is a great way to do it.

EyeBuyDirect Coupon

EyeBuyDirect is always doing some kind of awesome sale. My favorites are 40% and BOGO.
If the current promotion doesn’t give you at least $10 off then use my coupon code: IFQ4KY95PH for $10 off your first order of $50 or more.

Was this EyeBuyDirect review helpful for you? Let me know! And if you love your EBD glasses show some love in the comments!

I hate spending money on glasses but I kinda need them! Best store for prescription eyewear I've seen and affordable frames!

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  1. I was nervous about ordering glasses online, but they were inexpensive and I LOVE them. I’ve gotten 2 pairs online and I’ll never buy them anywhere else

  2. I am another very satisfied customer of eyebuydirect. Price/quality, service and delivery unbeatable. The website is easy to browse. Thank you.

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