7 Days to a Better Bank Account – Free Email Course Launch!

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I’m overly excited today. I’ve been working hard and hardly working on this for so long (ya know, life happens) for you guys. Read on and let me know what you think!

Millennials value experiences over wealth. We would rather travel and spend time with friends than having nice houses and clothes. I love this about my generation and I’m proud to be a millennial.

But our lust for life comes with some shortsightedness. The average millennial graduated with around $21,000 in student loan debt and remains underemployed.

I was no different. I gladly paid less on my $51,000 student loan bill to go to Disney, on a cruise, or out to dinner with friends.

But in 2015 My husband and I decided we wanted more for ourselves than a lifetime of our hard earned money filling the pockets of bankers. So we paid off $66,000 of debt in 17 months.

I’ve become a passionate activist against the student debt crisis and made it my mission to help my friends and anyone who’ll listen, get out of debt and build a solid financial foundation.

So I’m excited to launch my free 7-day email course: 7 Days to a Better Bank Account.

Free 7-Day Personal Finance Email Course

Did I mention it’s free??

In seven days I cover topics like:

  • Dreaming bigger about your future.
  • Breaking dreams up into achievable goals
  • How to stick to a budget
  • Money-saving tactics
  • Building an emergency fund
  • Paying off debt fast
  • Increasing your income
  • Maintaining momentum on your financial journey

If you’re ready to join me and thousands of other millennials (yeah, there’s a ton of us!) in breaking the debt cycle, then sign up for the course. There are a printables, resources, links, and information I wish I’d known when I started my journey.

Personal finance is personal first. I don’t think you can have a healthy financial foundation without knowing why you’re doing it. That’s why I put a big emphasis on broadening your money mindset.

Two years ago I just wanted to get by with money and now I want to use money as a tool for living my best life and helping people live theirs. That’s what a money mindset shift will do to ya!

And you may not have the same aspirations I do but I know you have them. Stop thinking they’re impossible and start learning how to achieve them.

Enter your name and email below to take the course and let me know what you think. If you like it share it with your friends and family. Let’s spread the love and live boldly!

Finally! Someone explaining the why and how you stick to your financial goals! Love this!

7 Comments on “7 Days to a Better Bank Account – Free Email Course Launch!”

  1. I think it’s awesome that you all were able to pay down your debt in an aggressive time span. I don’t know what it is, but since I turned 28 the personal finance bug has bitten me. I have opened an additional savings account and have been tracking my spending faithfully so I can see where I need to cut back. Great job!

    1. Thanks! It took until I was 26 to start caring! Something about your late twenties does something to you money gland! lol.

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