13 Cats Who Totally Understand Your Debt Payoff Struggle

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Cats Who Get It

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Ever think no one understands your debt payoff struggle? Everyone’s taking pictures of their fantastic lives and you’re over here dining on leftovers and tap water.

I know your pain, you don’t put 60% of your income towards debt and get to experience the luxury of air conditioning in the summer or hotels when you’re out of town.

I’m not the only one who understands you, cats do. Of course, they’re not real cats, real cats DGAF about anyone. These cat gifs though, are the symbol of our plight. I hope they comfort you and inspire you to keep going.

1. Cash Cat

You work hard for the money so you pay for things in cash. And studies show we spend 12-17% more when you use a card instead of cash so you’re saving more than those cash-back rewards.

2. Online Banking Cat

You’re not the only one neurotically checking bank and loan servicer accounts. You keep tabs on everything at any time because you can and you’re slightly obsessed.

3. Used Car Cat

All your friends are upgrading to shiny new cars with heated seats and Bluetooth but you’re holding strong in that 2003 Corolla with the manual locks. But hey, you don’t have a car payment.

4. “Can’t Even” Cat

You “can’t even” every time someone says they’re only paying the minimum on their student loans. Do they “even know” how much money they’re wasting in interest!?

5. Extreme Saving Cat

It started with clipping some coupons and it’s escalated to washing clothes old school style and eating other people’s restaurant leftovers. You may be taking things too far but man have you cut your grocery store budget!

6. Overtime Cat

You’re the first to volunteer for extra hours at work even when every fiber of your body says “I need to sleep!”

7. Impulse Buy Cat

It seemed like a good idea at the time but when you come face to face with the sum of your bar tabs, Target trips, and Chipotle addiction, not so much. I know guacamole is extra and I don’t care!

8. Carpool Cat

Hitching a ride with your friend who’s always late to avoid paying for parking and Uber surge prices. On the bright side, if you’re late that’s one less drink you’ll buy!

9. Home Workout Cat

Working out at home not just because you hate the gym but because you have no money to afford someone yelling at you to try harder.

10. Side Hustle Cat

You’re putting in the extra hours after work and on weekends for that sweet, sweet freelance money. Even though you know you can only keep 75% of it.

11. FOMO Cat

Casually browsing social media and bleeding through your eyes looking at all the fun vacations your friends are going on and the cool tech gadgets your chemistry partner from high school is getting.

12. Every Last Bit Cat

When you’re on the last drop of shampoo, but you’re stretching it to next month because you used that money on concert tickets. That’s true commitment to the budget.

13. Debt Free Cat

Everything is worth it when you make that final loan payment and you know every dollar you make from that day forward is yours.

Cats Paying off Debt

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  1. Haha this is so cute! Anything cat-related is a win from me – definitely made me feel better about my debt, too :p

    Rebecca | ceruleanshe.com

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