Best Gifts For Runners of All Levels For Under $20

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best gifts for runners

While there are a lot of ideas on the best gifts for runners I thought I’d take a simpler approach and write a gift guide for amateurs and periodic runners like myself. As I write this I’m gearing up for a 4-mile run in preparation for a 6.55-mile race I’m doing the day before this post goes live. I like running and doing races but I’m never going to run a marathon and my half marathon days might even be over. Since I’m not a die-hard runner I never get myself the cool running accessories that all the cool kids have. … Read More

The No-Spend Challenge Guide is Available Now!

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The No-Spend Challenge Guide

The No-Spend Challenge Guide is Here! I’m humbled, proud, honored, and squealing with excitement to announce The No-Spend Challenge Guide is here and available on Kindle and Paperback on Amazon. Better yet, now through Wed, Nov 22nd, it’s only $.99 cents!   We’ve all done No-Spend Challenges whether it’s out of necessity or to achieve our financial goals faster. I’ve read books on quitting spending for a year but until now there hasn’t been a comprehensive guide on how to do short challenges effectively. So I wanted to write that book.   Budgeting and money management are some of the … Read More

Best Gifts for Gamers (Especially Zelda Lovers) Under $15

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gifts for gamers

Best Gifts for Gamers is part three of a five-part series of gift guides for cheap millennials who want to buy their friends and family gifts but don’t have time to shop. Part 1: Gifts for Grandma Under $35 Part 2: Best Sister Gifts Under $17 Part 4: Best Gifts for Runners Under $20 My husband Travis is a gamer. He’s not a “lose yourself for weeks” kind of gamer but it’s the thing he chooses to do in his spare time. I, on the other hand, know nothing about video games. I was an only child and my mom … Read More

How to Host an Awesome Clothing Swap Party

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How to save money on clothes by hosting an awesome clothing swap party.

Clothing swaps are a rad way to scratch your shopping itch without spending valuable income. When we were paying off $78K of student loan debt there would be days I’d hate my wardrobe but I knew a new one wasn’t in my foreseeable future. And while Travis is a super thrift shopper I’m not that great. I don’t have the patience to wade through a ton of crap to find one or two gems. So I love Plato’s Closet and ThredUp but they can add just as fast as a bender at Target. But I love clothing swaps. Have you … Read More

Best Sister Gifts Under $17 for Christmas 2017

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best gifts for sister

Best Gifts for Sister is part two of a five-part series of gift guides for cheap millennials who want to buy their friends and family gifts but don’t have time to shop. Part 1: Gifts for Grandma Under $35 Part 3: Gifts for Gamers Under $15 Part 4: Gifts for Runners Under $20 I’m an only child who just recently inherited two sisters so I’ve never had any siblings to shop for. I feel that it’s just like buying gifts for yourself but you have to give them away. So again, I put my Amazon browsing skillz to good use and … Read More

7 Simple Ways to Save on Travel for the 2017 Holidays

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holiday leaves

Whether you’re traveling to see family or skipping out for a much-needed vacation, keep these tips in mind to save on travel to wherever you’re going. I’m going to FinCon next week and I’m super excited not only because I bought my ticket over a year ago but because it’s my last travel of the year. I’m ready to hunker down come November 1st, publish the No-Spend Challenge Guide, and implement all the cool things I learn at FinCon Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling, but it all adds up and this trip is number three for the month … Read More

Best Christmas Gifts for Grandma Under $35

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gifts for grandma

Gifts for Grandma is part one of a five-part series of gift guides for cheap millennials who want to buy their friends and family gifts but don’t have time to shop. Part 2: Best Sister Gifts Under $17 Part 3: Best Gifts for Gamers Under $15 Part 4: Best Gifts for Runners Under $20 In the two Christmases I was paying off debt I budgeted for gifts for close family and friends but between working three jobs I didn’t have time to look or buy said gifts. And let’s face it, the holidays are the worst time to go shopping anyway. … Read More

4 Simple Ways to Stop Overspending Online & Get Back on Budget

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Stop Online Shopping

Step away from the computer and put your credit card down. Shopping online is the easiest thing since pre-sliced bread. The Internet is faster than ever, marketing funnels have a solution for every hesitation you’re feeling, and Amazon, oh Amazon, knows everything I’ve ever wanted and the things I’m going to want. The people who design online shopping experiences are professionals and they are good at what they do. The amount of innovation that’s come out of companies like Amazon and Walmart to get us to buy more with less thought is mind-blowing. There’s a reason Jeff Bezos, CEO of … Read More

Practical Tips to Help You Save Money on All Your Monthly Bills

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Save Money on Utilities

When it comes time for you to save 3-6 months of expenses in your emergency fund, you want your expenses low so you can have more travel money. With all the everyday spending we’re trying to save on, the recurring expenses often get forgotten about. But they take the biggest chunk of our income! I recommend reevaluating each of your monthly expenses at least once a year to make sure you’re getting the lowest price and that none of your providers are taking advantage of you. Here are my top tips for saving on some of the most expensive parts … Read More

14 Times Drake Was Basically Telling You: “You Can Do This!”

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In this journey to pay off debt we could all use a little extra motivation. And I could totally throw you a bunch of Tony Robbins quotes (which I admittedly do on my Instagram) but there’s someone else who just gets it. Drake. He’s not only my music of choice at the gym (other than Despacito) but also a wise sensei with some nuggets of sage wisdom that are directly applicable to millennials paying off debt or saving for a house. So from the mouth of the man who popularized the term YOLO, comes some of the greatest motivational quotes … Read More