The Millennial’s Guide to the Best Personal Finance Articles

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Best Personal Finance Articles

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Whenever I have a question about anything I go to Google. (Sorry mom.) There’s a never-ending well of information on any topic and I can usually find a cat picture to go with it.


So in my quest to create a guide for millennials to get the most out of their money I went beyond Googling and asked experts in the field to give me their best personal finance articles.

I’ll add to the list whenever I find useful articles that solve a problem or answer a question really well. If you have a money conundrum you’d like to see an article on please comment below. If I can’t find it, I’ll write it! 😉 And if you have an article you think should be here send it over to

And if you have an article you think should be here send it over to jen [at] savingwithspunk [dot] com so I can make this list the best ever. If I can take the Google out of just one thing in your life I’ve done my job.

80+ Best Personal Finance Articles


Budgeting & Foundations

What’s Net Worth? via The Simple Dollar

Best Apps to Budget & Track Expenses by Our Freaking Budget

What Accounts Should I Have Open? by Wallet hacks

“The Baby Steps” Explained by Saving with Spunk

How to Make a Budget That Works by Well Kept Wallet

How to “Un” Budget via Money Under 30

How to Spend Wisely by PT Money

Free Budgeting Spreadsheet by Cashville Skyline

Budgeting on an Irregular Income by Lauren Greutman

Budgeting for a Transition to Self-Employment via Due

Financial Tips for Millennials by Tawcan

*Bonus* Why Living Within Your Means Isn’t Good Enough Anymore by Money After Graduation

Spend Less & Save

Why Saving is so Hard by Free to Pursue

How to Quit Spending More Than You Make by Seed Time

Getting a Month Ahead in Your Bank Account on Little Income by Life and a Budget

How to do a Shopping Ban by Cait Flanders

50 Ways to Live for Free by The Thrifty Issue

Depression Era Money Lessons by The Penny Pinchin Mom

What is 3-6 Months of Expenses? by Saving with Spunk

Percentage Based Debt & Saving Plan by The Debt Roundup

*Bonus* Student Loan Forgiveness Programs by State by The College Investor

Frugality & Smart Shopping

12 Reasons You’re Poor via Bigger Pockets

Live Within Your Means Without Feeling Limited by Stefanie O’Connell

How to Kick Your Spending Triggers by High Fiving Dollars

75 Ways to Save Money by Good Financial Cents

Do You Deserve That New Car? by Millennial Money Man

How to Shop for a Used Car by Money Peach

*Bonus* How to Financially Prepare for a Baby by The Budget Mama

Debt & Credit

Nearly Half of Students Aren’t Taught About Credit Cards Before Getting One via US News

Why Debt is Bad by Natalie Bacon

Reasons to Not Use Credit Cards by Hope and Cents

Why Good Debt Doesn’t Exist by Mixed up Money

Which Loan Should I Pay off First? by Saving with Spunk

How to Achieve the Perfect Credit Score by Rich on Money

*Bonus* How Life Changes When You’re Debt Free by Every Single Dollar

Make Extra Money

330 Ideas to Make Extra Money by Power Over Life

Work at Home Jobs for Beginners by The Work at Home Wife

75 Ways to Make Extra Money by Making Sense of Cents

200+ Ways to Make Money in the Sharing Economy by Side Hustle Nation

The Beginner’s Guide to Selling on eBay by The Butler Journal

How to Sell on Amazon by The Selling Family

Make $400 a Week in Your Spare Time via Wisebread

What is Passive Income? via Smart Passive Income

Common Income Streams of Millionaires by Wallet Hacks

*Bonus* Multilevel Marketing is Not a Side Hustle by Frugal Vagabond

Motivation & Failure (Because Personal Finance is Personal First)

How to Make Paying off Debt Not Suck (+ Free Printable) by Saving with Spunk

Friendships & Going Over Budget by Ask Allea

5 Single People Who Paid off big Debts by Saving with Spunk

Finding Contentment in “Well Enough” by She Picks up Pennies

What to do When You Lose Motivation to Pay off Debt by Notorious DEBT

How to Persevere: Paying off $25K on a $30K Salary via Centsai

The Importance of Persistence in Investing by Adventures in Mobile Homes

*Bonus* What to Tell Your Kids When You’re Deep in Debt by Debt Discipline


Taxes for Beginners via The Art of Manliness

Depreciation for Side Hustlers by Go Curry Cracker

*Bonus* Who Owns Your Paycheck? by Life and my Finances


5 Basic Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have via Mint

Guide to Choosing Health Insurance by Investing to Thrive

Alternatives to Conventional Health Insurance by The Self-Pay Patient

*Bonus* A Life Insurance Love Letter by How Do I Money?


Rent vs. Buy by Stay Wealthy San Diego

Are you Ready to Own? by Saving with Spunk

How to Buy Your First House via Quicken Loans

How much to Save for a Down Payment by Half Banked

How to Get The Best Deal on a Mortgage by Living on the Cheap

Home Buying Q&A with a Realtor by Financial Best Life

When Should I Refinance a Mortgage? via Money Crashers

Mortgage Refinance Calculator via Loan Guide

*Bonus* Live-In House Flips by Coach Carson

Investing & Retirement

12 Things to Consider if You Want to Start Investing by Investing Dollars and Cents

Types of Retirement Plans via NerdWallet

Creating Your Investment Strategy by Money Smart Guides

The Pros and Cons of Robo-Advisors by Robo Advisor Pros

How to Make $27K by Eating Out Less by Saving with Spunk

How Much Should I Save for Retirement? via NerdWallet

Tips to Become a 401K Millionaire by The Chicago Financial Planner

Making Your Own Rules in the Stock Market by My Stock Market Basics

How to Retire Early by ESI Money

How Many Years Does it Take to Become Financially Independent? by The Military Guide

Beginner Investment Strategies by Cash Money Life

*Bonus* 5 Rules for Investing (Pokemon Style) via the Experian Snapchat!

Estate Planning

How to Write a Will via USNews


If you’d like me to find the best personal finance articles for your questions please leave them in the comments!

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  1. Wow, Jen! This is an awesome collection of resources. I have some reading to do! Thank you for including my article on Live-in House Flips. It is an honor to be on your list.

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