Best Sister Gifts Under $17 for 2018

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best gifts for sister

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Best Gifts for Sister is part two of a five-part series of gift guides for cheap millennials who want to buy their friends and family gifts but don’t have time to shop.

I’m an only child who just recently inherited two sisters so I’ve never had any siblings to shop for. I feel that it’s just like buying gifts for yourself but you have to give them away.

So again, I put my Amazon browsing skillz to good use and found my favorite goodies on Amazon that I think my new sisters-in-law might enjoy as well. Oh, and they’re all under $17 each which I thoroughly enjoy.

Gifts for Sister-in-Law

My sisters are pretty unique which is great because so am I. I looked for fun, colorful, and practical items that would be useful but also pretty.

I have to be honest though, they’re both former emo girls so they’d probably prefer a list of gifts en noir but that ain’t me. I love neon. So you’ll see a touch of “edge” in some of these. Because balance right?


I don’t wear much jewelry and neither do my sisters so small and practical are the way to go. I thought this beaded necklace was delicate enough for a solid shirt and spicy enough for a dress. And I am obsessed with these glitter earrings. They’re probably my favorite thing on the list.

Kitchen Gadgets

One of my sisters is a budding chef so I thought she’d enjoy some clever kitchen gadgets. This pizza cutter looks so cool and comes in three colors. And wooden spoons are so much better than plastic. They’re sturdier than plastic and better for your pans than metal.


I don’t think either of my sisters would like a purse but your sister might. I know I’d like either of these bags. This little elephant clutch is so cute for a night out at a conference. The geometric purse is super trendy and a perfect size for basic essentials.

Sister Gifts!


One of my sisters and I first bonded over talking about books. I think anytime you can get a gift that relates to a special moment you’re getting a winner. This book mug made me think of that. And the travel mug is so practical. People rarely sit down to drink their coffee anymore.


So I was thinking about home decor but you know what’s really in that everybody loves? Macrame. It’s so pretty and can go with any decorating style (don’t quote me on that but I want to believe it.) This wall hanging is simple yet detailed and the plant hangers come in a two-pack and can be used indoors or outdoors.


Who doesn’t lose at least one pair of sunglasses every year? I think sunglasses are the most practical and fun gift you can give. These wayfarers are super cheap and come in a 3-pack so your sister should be covered for 2018. And the rimless sunglasses are for your trendy sister who has more followers on Instagram than you.

Gift Ideas for Sister


Pants are very out, leggings are very in. Especially when leggings don’t cost friggin $25 a pair (I’m looking at you Lularoe people!) I saw a friend wear these amazing mermaid leggings and I flipped over them. They are the best! But I also love these neon splatter leggings. I can’t pick, I want both for myself.

Note: The neon splatter leggings are currently unavailable so my next favorite pick is these sick galaxy leggings.

Dictionary Art Print

I see these at our local craft market and I think they’re a great idea. Tangible dictionaries and encyclopedias are kind obsolete now (RIP) so this is a cool use repurposing. This puppy print is so cute and I know either of my sisters would love the elephant print.

Gift Cards

And I have to end with my fav way to get sis everything she wants for less than retail. For the picky sister, Gift Card Granny has hundreds of brands of gift cards at a discount. You can choose to get her a gift card to her favorite store or buy one and get her a gift from one of many stores.

They have cards for Starbucks, Whole Foods, Target, TJ Maxx, Amazon and so many more! You should definitely check it out.


Best Gifts for my sister!

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