Best Christmas Gifts for Grandma Under $35

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gifts for grandma

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Gifts for Grandma is part one of a five-part series of gift guides for cheap millennials who want to buy their friends and family gifts but don’t have time to shop.

In the two Christmases I was paying off debt I budgeted for gifts for close family and friends but between working three jobs I didn’t have time to look or buy said gifts. And let’s face it, the holidays are the worst time to go shopping anyway.

So I put my Amazon browsing addiction to good use and found a ton of awesome and inexpensive gifts I think everyone will love.

Best Gifts for Grandma

These lists are inspired by people in my life who I actually need to buy gifts for. The great thing about having a blog is that it motivates me to do things I’d otherwise put off til’ the last minute because I know others will need this info, at the last minute.

So we’ll start with gifts for grandma. I personally don’t have a living grandma, so why start with Grammy? Because my mother-in-law is going to be a grandma again (not my fault) and I know a lot of ladies who are new grandmothers.

I’ve found that nothing makes a grandmother more proud than the fact that she’s a grandma. So if you’re in a bind, you can’t go wrong with anything that says “Grandma” or has your picture in it.

Whether you’re finding a gift for your grandma, your mom, or someone else’s grandma, here are the best-looking ideas for grandma gifts Amazon has to offer.

Cutting Board

Cutting boards should be replaced every few years so this is a gift that’s meaningful and practical. And what grandma doesn’t love to be in the kitchen whipping up treats for their family. She’ll think of you everytime she uses it.

My top picks are the Best Grandma Ever and Grandma’s Kitchen boards. They’re well reviewed and a good size for everyday use


I love the idea of this Letters to My Grandchild book. It’s 12 prompted letter for grandma to write to her grandchild. So whether you want something special from your grandmother or for granny to give to your kids I think this is an awesome idea.

Great Grandma Gifts!



Grandparents love pictures of their grandchildren! I mean, I’d love kids more if I could give them back too. I thought this clothespin picture frame was great because you can easily switch out pictures over time. I also liked the simplicity of the grandma & me frame.

Home Decor

When I get old I fully plan on forgetting stuff like birthdays (mostly because I don’t remember them much now.) So I liked this print from the Handmade section of Amazon. Not all home decor has to go on the wall. I love this cute garden stone with all the embellishment.



The first person to ever let me try coffee was my grandmother. She drank it black and I thought it was disgusting. Oh, how times have changed, but I still don’t like it black. Since I have a lot of coffee-related memories with my grammy I thought a mug would make a great grandma gift.

I like this small floral mug because my grandmother liked smaller cups. But if I were a grandma I know I’d want a big ol’ honkin mug to keep me going through hours with grandkids. Also, the saying on this mug is just precious.


Kitchen Towel

There were a lot of grandma aprons on Amazon but how often do you really use an apron? On the other hand, you can never have enough dish towels. I personally love this really sassy fabulous grandma towel but if you don’t have that kind of relationship with your grandma then the kisses and cookies towel is cute. And at $10 these are super affordable gifts.



I’ve been designing shirts for Amazon for almost five months now and I’ve seen just about every shirt design out there. Neither of these are my designs but I wish they were. If you like the Grammy Bear shirt this designer also makes Mama Bear and Auntie Bear versions. And the Best Grandma Ever designer does best everything ever.


Christmas Gifts for Grandma



If you’re a grandma you probably have slippers. But I’m just going to come out and say it, most grandmas don’t have good taste in slippers. At least mine didn’t. I get it, they don’t really care, they just need to keep their feet warm and comfortable.

This is an opportunity. A great pair of embellished slippers (or funny socks) will make her day! Just avoid the big poofy animal slippers, let’s not be responsible for any accidents.


Let’s be honest, grandma’s also probably still using the same cheap soap she used when you were a kid (She’s a living lesson in frugality.) I wasn’t inspired by grandma to include soap on the list, I was inspired by the soap.

First, this dreamy luxurious whipped cotton candy soap for $8 that caused one reviewer to wash three times in one day because it felt so good. Grandma deserves that. And this exfoliating soap with a loofah in it! Fewer things for granny to hold in the shower means you’ve ensured her shower safety.


Gifts Card

I have to include gifts cards because one of my favorite saving hacks EVER is Gift Card Granny. Seriously, I couldn’t not do it. Gift Card Granny sells discounted gift cards to hundreds of stores so if your granny wants something specific you can still save on it.

Gift cards seem like a cop out but you don’t have to bee the black sheep of the family with a gift card. You can buy discounted gift cards from GCG (yes they have Amazon gift cards) and use them to buy your gifts.

A penny saved is a penny earned and your grandma will be so proud of you for picking a perfect gift and spending as little on it as possible. 😉

Best Gifts for Grandma

12 Comments on “Best Christmas Gifts for Grandma Under $35”

  1. I love the idea of the cutting board and kitchen towels! My grandma is always in the kitchen, so I bet she’d love having something that reminded her how loved she is. <3

    1. We do the same for my husband’s grandma so I feel like there’s nothing kitchen related left to give! lol.

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