What Financial Health Means to Me

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What Financial Health Means to me

I go to strip clubs once a month. Yep. On the second Friday of every month, I go out with a group of ladies who bring gifts, baked goods, and prayer to dancers in strip clubs. It’s not a Friday-night activity for everyone but I feel like it’s a small thing I can do to make the world a little lighter for a few people. The women I’ve met over four years of doing this are all vastly different. Some come from a long line of women objectified by men. Some haven’t told their families what they do. Some can’t … Read More

10 Series to Watch on Netflix When You’re Trying Not to Spend Money

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shows to watch on netflix

My favorite way to not spend money is Netflix + Chill. Many a night have my husband and I weighed the option of going outside or staying in and watching TV. We’ve never paid for cable in our marriage so our options are limited to the Netflix account we share with our friend Jessica. Hi Jessica! Paying off debt is more than working side jobs and saving money, it includes what we do for fun too, because you can’t (and shouldn’t) turn that part of yourself off for 2+ years. Netflix isn’t the most productive use of your time but … Read More

Debt Free Stories: My Interview With YouTube’s Budget Girl!

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budget girl

Today I’m excited to share with you Sarah Wilson, aka Budget Girl’s debt free story! She’s an awesome millennial woman who paid off over $32K of debt on her own in three years. Well not on her own if you count her 17,000 subscribers on YouTube! Sarah’s story will empower you in whatever situation you’re in to suit up and attack your debt. Her YouTube channel is also a wealth of tips and resources on saving, meal planning, frugality and of course, budgeting. So without further ado, here’s Budget Girl!   Can you tell a little about yourself for people … Read More

My EyeBuyDirect Review – Affordable Glasses for Everyone

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eyebuydirect review

This is my EyeBuyDirect review after wearing a pair of their frames for one year. Read until the end for an EyeBuyDirect coupon and tips for getting your frames right the first time. After wearing eyeglasses for over 20 years not only do I feel very old, I also feel like I know a thing or two about glasses. I’ve bought countless frames in-store and switched to buying glasses online in 2012. I’m frugal to my core so I don’t buy a lot of frames. I want the pair I buy to look cool, be of great quality, and not … Read More

The Affordable Housing Option That Can Help You Pay Off Debt Faster!

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Affordable Housing for Millennials

Today I have a guest post from Allea over at AskAllea.com. I was so happy when she reached out to me for a guest post because I love her holistic approach to financial health and her fun writing style. Hope you enjoy! When you’re trying to pay off debt, you’ll do a lot of things to save money. You’ve got a small pool of “lifestyle” funds you can have fun with. And with small funds comes big creativity. I’m all about maximizing the dollars I do have: I plan my meals and cook at home. I rarely buy a drink … Read More

11 Things I’ve learned in 9 Months of Blogging

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What I've learned in 9 months of blogging

Blogging is a wild ride amiright? I’ve only been Saving with Spunk for nine months but I can’t remember a time without it. Every three months I do a recap of what I’ve learned to share with fellow bloggers and to keep myself accountable. These have been some of my most popular posts so I’m sure after I do my one-year recap I’ll continue to keep you all updated with income reports (even if they’re really tiny!) I got off to a running start with my blog. I was growing rapidly, creating good relationships with bloggers and companies, and I started … Read More

7 Days to a Better Bank Account – Free Email Course Launch!

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I’m overly excited today. I’ve been working hard and hardly working on this for so long (ya know, life happens) for you guys. Read on and let me know what you think! Millennials value experiences over wealth. We would rather travel and spend time with friends than having nice houses and clothes. I love this about my generation and I’m proud to be a millennial. But our lust for life comes with some shortsightedness. The average millennial graduated with around $21,000 in student loan debt and remains underemployed. I was no different. I gladly paid less on my $51,000 student … Read More