3 Must Have Tools for Side Gigs

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According to CareerBuilder, more than one-third of working millennials have a side job. For a generation thought to be lazy and entitled we sure do a lot of work. And with the creation of the sharing economy, we’re not confined to working minimum wage or pouring drinks for extra income. We can use talent and experience to create side businesses that are more lucrative and fulfilling. If you’re starting a side hustle, whether it’s freelance designing, consulting, reselling, whatever, there three must have tools for side gigs you’re going to need to make your business thrive and your life easier. 1. … Read More

How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online

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Start a Pineapple Blog

I’m not the overdramatic type but I’m serious when I say blogging has changed the trajectory of my life. I started blogging for a few reasons, a way to help people by sharing my experiences, to hold myself accountable, and to in time, make a little money. I never considered myself an entrepreneur or a writer but now I feel like I’m both. Why Start a Blog? • To make money from home. It’s easier than you think. An online presence allows you to get freelance writing and marketing jobs and once you build your blog you can build passive … Read More

When you Find Yourself Paying for Your Parents’ Financial Mistakes

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Parents Financial Mistakes

Politics. Religion. Money.   These are things you don’t talk about at the dinner table. But if you were like my family we didn’t talk about them at all, maybe religion on Sundays and politics every four years, but money? Never — children should not be burdened by the family finances. Fast forward to present day, I’m 27, married, and just bought a house. My mom dropped the bomb on me last week that she’s being foreclosed on in less than three months. She also shares that the process has been going on for nine years but got serious eight … Read More

11 More Lessons I’ve Learned in 6 Months of Blogging

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6 Months Blogging

Three months ago I gave you guys a brutally honest peek behind the scenes of my blog life. I committed to doing quarterly recaps for my first year so I wouldn’t forget all the things I’m learning and I can give a real-time picture of the pace it takes to grow a blog. So here’s the culmination of my first 6 months blogging. These last three months have brought changes in my life that were totally unexpected and crazy. From starting a writing internship at The Penny Hoarder, getting kicked out of our duplex, and buying a house in record … Read More

4 Smart Things to do Before Switching Jobs

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Things to do Before Switching Jobs

Despite a variety of economic concerns that simply cannot be ignored, today’s economic situation has significantly improved – gas prices have dropped, inflation remains at a comparatively low level, and unemployment has been reduced. Today, Americans are much more confident in the economy and as a result, many have career fluidity. Even though switching jobs may be helpful to your career, there are some complicated processes that require a thoughtful approach. What exactly should you take into account before making the big leap? 1. Look at the Bigger Picture When looking for a new job, higher salary should not be your … Read More

How to do Less Research and More Saving with the Squeeze App

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Sqeeze App Review

I’m a self-proclaimed deal lover. Anytime I walk into a restaurant or pull into a store parking lot I’m searching my phone for a coupon or special to take advantage of. Yesterday I saw a coupon for the blinds we bought last week and I mourned over the $10 lost to corporate America. Sigh. When it comes to recurring payments, like bills, I’m even more careful. My husband and I conduct hours of research, make lots of calls, and do a fair bit of negotiating to make sure we have the best deal on life essentials like internet and phone … Read More