Can Grocery Shopping Online Save you Money?

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Grocery Shopping Online

Who hasn’t fallen victim to catchy marketing jingles and beautiful branding in the grocery store? I’m an avid meal planner and 99% of my trips still find me bring home something that wasn’t on my list. So I thought about trying online grocery shopping. At first, I thought online grocery shopping seemed really weird and something for wealthy business people or moms of 4. But after some research, I found quite a few benefits of online grocery shopping that would help any average person looking to save some money. Related: How to Start Meal Planning Avoid Impulse Buys You can literally … Read More

How to Start Meal Planning

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Start Meal Planning

Updated: December 21, 2017 When we make our budget at the end of the month groceries and restaurants come second only to rent. Meal planning has been key to keeping the amount we spend on food in check. 18 months ago I couldn’t have told you the first thing about meal planning. I bought what looked good at the grocery store and ate out when I didn’t feel like cooking (which was often.) Now, I’ll admit I’m pretty obsessed with meal planning. I spend my free time in Pinterest, pinning recipes and I could write a love letter to Aldi … Read More

How Legit is Student Loan Forgiveness?

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Student Loan Forgiveness

Everyone and their sister are on some kind of special payment plan for their student loans. But some people get so overwhelmed with the options they just don’t bother with them. With all the talk about student loans, debt, and wealth building I’d be remiss not answer the question: How Legit is Student Loan Forgiveness? Last week we made the final payment on my $51,000 federal student loan (Which balooned to almost $60K with interest.) Pressing that button (actually those three buttons) was a surreal experience. You can even see my bewildered face make that last payment to Navient on my … Read More

The Millennial’s Guide to the Best Personal Finance Articles

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Best Personal Finance Articles

Whenever I have a question about anything I go to Google. (Sorry mom.) There’s a never-ending well of information on any topic and I can usually find a cat picture to go with it.   So in my quest to create a guide for millennials to get the most out of their money I went beyond Googling and asked experts in the field to give me their best personal finance articles. I’ll add to the list whenever I find useful articles that solve a problem or answer a question really well. If you have a money conundrum you’d like to … Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Finances for Newlyweds

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Finance for Newlyweds

Finances for newlyweds are the last thing on your mind when you’re blissfully floating in a perfect world with your new boo. But money fights and money problems are the leading cause of stress in a relationship  and play a role in every leading cause of divorce. Money is a necessity to understand and communicate with your spouse on. The Do’s of Finances for Newlyweds   Do Talk About Your Financial Past & Future Unfortunately, I still hear stories about couples who don’t talk about their financial situations until their marriage is already suffering from it. It is essential for couples … Read More

The Baby Steps Explained, And Why They Work!

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These are the steps that introduced me and my husband to what financial independence is and for that I am eternally grateful. But a lot of important considerations get looked over if you just find a list of the steps and start crackin. The articles circulating the web are from two camps: Dave Ramsey people, who are relentlessly devoted to the man, and people on the other side, who do math. My goal is to neutrally answer the question: What are The Baby Steps? The Baby Steps, outlined in the book The Total Money Makeover, are the foundation of personal … Read More

Lessons I’ve learned in my First 3 Months of Blogging

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My First 3 Months Blogging

The morning after a lazy Labor Day weekend, I hit publish and started this thing called Saving with Spunk. I had big dreams, a little talent, no experience, and no idea where I’d end up. That was a little over 3 months ago and it’s been a very unglamorous ride. I too read income report after income report of people killing it in their field and women telling other bloggers that if you buy these ebooks, these courses, and these memberships you’ll dominate the search engines, make sense of affiliate marketing, and pwn every social media platform. Like every millennial, … Read More

10 Free Holiday Activities for Couples Paying off Debt

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Free Activities for Couples

  This is where it all started guys. On a quiet summer afternoon I hit publish on my first post titled 10 Free Activities for Couples Paying off Debt and the rest is history. I thought it fitting to do one for the winter as well, seeing how we spend more money this time of year than any other. 1. Christmas Lights Home Tour Every city has a neighborhood that really goes all out with the lights. Take a drive to look at them or walk if the weather isn’t frightful. In Florida, the weather is always great this time … Read More

December 2016 Budget

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Real Life Budget

Are you ready for this? We paid $5,000 of our student loan debt in one month.   That’s crazy even for us! We were able to do this for two reasons: the budget and some discipline. UPDATE: As of August 31, 2017 Travis and I are STUDENT LOAN FREE! We paid off $77,646.54 in 23 months! We never have the perfect budget. In the 14 months we’ve been doing this we’ve always had to tweak here and there to make it work but paying off our student loans is the priority and that puts all spending into perspective. Over the last … Read More