Finance Lessons I Wish I’d Been Taught Before College

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When I graduated high school I thought I knew everything. Much to my disdain, I realized I didn’t, especially when it came to money. My mistakes left me with $60K in debt and no clue how to or why I should pay it back. If there’s someone in your life you can save from these mistakes I encourage you to share this with them. And if there’s anything on this list you’re still unsure about make it a priority to educate yo’ self on these finance lessons. Budgeting When I was in school I thought a budget was what you … Read More

Which Student Loan Should You Pay First?

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The financial camps are divided between paying off your smallest first vs. your highest interest student loan. So who’s right? Finance people can agree on a few things. Some debts like payday loans and IRS back taxes are worse than others and ideally, you should get rid of all debt that keeps you from having a positive net worth. But how do you decide what goes first? This is something I stressed over when we started out. I had a large high-interest student and a small low-interest car loan while my husband had a moderate student loan with moderate interest. … Read More

5 Ways to be Better at Conscious Consumption

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We’ve all been there. You walk into your favorite store, the one with the amazing branding and the conveniently set up dollar bins and somehow walk out with $100 worth of stuff when you just went in for conditioner. Or is it just me? I have accumulated stuff over the years sitting in drawers and boxes, cluttering up my closet and I have no idea how it got there or why it is there. Since taking a closer look at my finances and being more aware of my purchases, I was embarrassed by the number of foods from the grocery … Read More

How to Make $27K by Eating out Less

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When I think about places where money goes to die it’s not into fixer upper houses or trips across the globe, it’s everyday stuff. Stuff that in the moment I think I need then a few hours later I wonder why it was such a big deal. There’s nothing wrong about these purchases, it’s just that over time they add up. And this year, we’ve crossed the line. Americans now spend more at bars and restaurants than on groceries. A few billion dollars more.  And millennials spend more than any other generation. Millennials (ages 20-34) are now America’s largest generation making … Read More

How to Make Paying off Debt not Suck

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When we started paying our debt off there were a bunch of things I could say about how it sucked. But somewhere along the timeline of the last 12 months, I changed my mind. I used to complain about wanting to take a vacation (specifically a cruise) and not wanting to cook at home every night. I even had to unfollow friends on Instagram because watching their adventures was making me miserable. I don’t know when it happened but I noticed it on my anniversary weekend. Everyone asked me what we were going to do for our first anniversary and I … Read More

5 Single Bloggers Who Paid off Massive Amounts of Debt

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When I was single I was convinced there was no way I could tackle my debt on my own. I lived at home for 2 years after college under the guise that I was paying down my student loans but all I did was save up for a down payment on a car that I financed two-thirds of. Knowing what I know now, I could kick myself. I probably should kick myself. The truth is that while you may not have a second income as a single person you also have the opportunity to make more, live on less, all … Read More

October 2016 Budget

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Today is our first anniversary! I remember thinking the day would never come and now it’s been a year. Crazy. Our first year has been pretty great. I only cried a few times and they were both on our honeymoon so I got it out of the way early. Related: 3 Habits for Blissful Money Management I started this blog last month to keep me motivated and help people who want to get out of debt. When I started I didn’t even know what financial freedom was or what it looked like. I want to help you discover that there’s … Read More