Is Being Debt Free Worth it?

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I had a great talk with Millennial Money Man yesterday and my favorite piece of advice he gave me was to “write what you’re passionate about.” It took me literally five seconds to think of the one thing I’m really passionate about right now: Getting out of debt. A lot of people don’t understand why we’re doing this. They’re living great lives with money in the bank, shiny cars in the driveway, all with a six-figure negative net worth. So why would I deprive myself in my 20’s, the “best” years of my life, to sacrifice 60% percent of our monthly … Read More

Make Extra $$$ With These 10 Seasonal Jobs

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I’m trying to wake up earlier. I keep reading about really successful people and they all wake up before the sun. I’m not that ambitious but my alarm did go off at 7 on my day off so I’m feeling pretty confident so far. It only get’s harder when Daylight Savings ends in November and I’ll be up before the sun even if I sleep in. Then throw in the exhaustion of the holidays… yikes. Holidays are hard; I can’t imagine them with kids. But they are also the easiest time to make extra cash. Waiting tables, delivering pizzas, putting … Read More

How to Think Like a Millionaire (So You Can be One!)

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think like a millionaire

 I just finished Keith Cameron Smith’s book The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class. It blew my mind to learn how deep some of these traditional money mindsets are ingrained in us, and how constrictive they are! 10 Distinctions is an amazing book that everyone who wants to be successful with money should read multiple times. It’s a short, easy read, that gets to the point and makes you reconsider the assumptions you’ve had about money, at least, it did for me. Without giving too much away, here are the points and what I learned from reading the book. 10) … Read More

A Month of Dinner Recipes for Families on a Budget

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Eat Out Less

Growing up I did not have a Suzy Homemaker mother who taught me my grandmother’s secret dinner recipes or how to separate the yolk from the egg white. The extent of my cooking experience came from the instructions on the back of the Chicken Voila bag in the freezer section. In college, I became a vegetarian but I was more than satisfied eating dinners of Steam-in-Bag vegetables and fake meat corn dogs (honestly better than real corn dogs.) But when I got married and we decided to pay off our debt I knew I had to learn my way around … Read More

3 PSL Hacks for the Frugal Pumpkin Spice Lover

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See what I did there? PSL, Pumpkin Spice Lover? Okay, more reason for me to keep my day job. But seriously, I love the pumpkin spice latte. How else would we know it’s fall here in Florida without the return of the PSL? I remember waiting for Labor Day, knowing that the time was near. Standing in the 90-degree heat, wearing a scarf that served no purpose, holding that orange drink in my hand, knowing coffee shouldn’t be that color but not caring at all. It’s a magical time. But coming in at $5.30 for a Grande the PSL is … Read More

3 Habits for Blissful Money Matrimony

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Marriage and Money

As of this month my student loan has a 1 in front of it. That started as a 5! I realize I couldn’t have done this without my amazing [frugal] husband. Through this journey, I am constantly reminded how important it’s been to be on the same page with our finances. Our shared goals and vision for the future have made the hard months bearable and the pitfalls easier to climb out of. By the time I met Travis I’d seen more couples divorce in my age group than I want to count. It was so significant to me that … Read More

5 Affordable Healthcare Tips That Will Change Your Life

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5 Healthcare Budget Hacks

  Healthcare is something I’m thinking more and more about these days. I’m not the sprightly 22-year-old I once was and now I don’t just worry about my health but my husband’s too. As an acupuncturist by day, I see the effect of poor health management and the toll of high healthcare costs every day and it breaks my heart. I don’t wish that stress on anyone. But there’s so little information on ways to combat the rising price of healthcare that we just sit back and keep paying. Here are some affordable ways to save on necessary medical costs … Read More

How we Paid Off Over $45K of Debt in 11 Months & You Can Too!

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we paid off $45K in 11 months!

It seems pretty normal to me now but people still drop their jaws when I tell them we’ve paid over $45K on our loans so far. We still have a year to go and most days I have mixed emotions of accomplishment for what we’ve done vs. annoyance for how far we have to go. We’ve made conscious decisions to hold off on things like buying a house, going on trips, and even getting a couch that’s not covered in stains (all attempts to clean only make it worse.) I didn’t agree to this at first but over time I’ve … Read More