These are products and services I am confident you’ll find value in. This page contains some affiliate links so I can put more money in the Thai food budget but I’d never suggest anything to my friends that I don’t absolutely love.

Make Money

inbInbox Dollars: Get paid to take surveys, play games, shop online, and search the web at Inbox Dollars. There’s a reason they have more than 1.7 million likes on Facebook, they have good customer service and high payouts for tasks. Click here to sign up for Inbox Dollars.


296866004_1359982949_zpsae41ee31PaidViewpoint: Another survey site I like. They rate you on “trustworthiness” and the higher you rank the more surveys you get to participate in. The more survey you do and the more honest your answers, the higher your “TraitScore.” They have a reputable history and you can earn extra by referring friends. Click here to sign up for PaidViewpoint.



Uber: Who doesn’t know about Uber yet? If you haven’t tried it as a side hustle you’re truly missing out. The secret is early morning driving. When people need to get to work or the airport, or possibly home from a club, there’s never a shortage of fares to pick up. And Uber is constantly updating the app to make it more convenient to drive. Sign up to drive for Uber here or for $20 off your first ride use promo code: RIDINGUBER20.



Moonlighting: I’m a big fan of the side hustle. Freelancing with skills you already have on a schedule that works for you is much more lucrative and good for your health than a minimum wage part-time job. Moonlighting is a platform where you can list your services for free or browse jobs that people need done in your area. You can also save money on hiring professional services. It’s kind of like Fiverr’s big brother. Click here to sign up for Moonlighting.

Save Money

TopCashbackTopCashback: This is a lesser know rebates site but boasts higher payouts than Ebates. And most of the time, they really are. Some advantages of TopCashback over the other guy: They pay out 100% of their commission to you, have over double the number of retailers, and you get paid whenever you choose (vs 4 times p/year with Ebates.) TopCashback is my #1 recommendation to save money via rebates. Sign up for TopCashback.


Swagbucks: Swagbucks could go under money making but you’d honestly have to spend too much time on their site and doing tasks to actually profit, and then it’s usually in gift cards. Where they really shine is the variety of ways to save money. Use their search engine, shop through their links (compare rates to TopCashback first), watch videos, play games, and print coupons to earn “Swagbucks.” The best cashout deal is to get gift cards but they’ll give you cash too. Click here to sign up for Swagbucks.


OB44xFhVrdxotxRYOlQDGw-ebates-logo-1Ebates: Just because I love TopCashback doesn’t mean they’re top every time. That’s why I still recommend signing up for Ebates. They have relationships with over 2000 stores including discount sites like Groupon. Getting money back for saving money? Sign me up! The only con is you get “paid” only 4 times a year. Which doesn’t dissuade me. Click here to try Ebates out!


paribus.coParibus: Many online stores have a price match guarantee but no one pays enough attention to prices once they’ve made a purchase. Paribus is an amazing app/website that watches your purchases on approved websites and gets you money back if the price drops. They go through all the work for you! Paribus takes 25% of the money they save you but once your refer 5 friends you can keep 100%. It’s a genius idea that I have personally saved money with. Click here to sign up for Paribus.


GROUPON-LOGOGroupon: The almighty money saving website. I have used them for teeth cleaning, bachelorette party outings, Christmas gifts, etc. Is there nothing you don’t offer Groupon? Oh, and when you shop through Ebates you can get cash back on your purchases. Be still my money saving heart! If you haven’t tried it click here to sign up for Groupon. What are you waiting for!?


EyeBuyDirect-LogoEyebuy Direct: I am a total fangirl for Eyebuy Direct. I am a proud wearer of my Stanford premium frames with Eyezen lenses (an absolute must for anyone who stares at a screen all day.) A package that would have cost me hundreds of dollars at a tradition Optometrist cost me under $120. Frames start at $9 and they have stellar customer service. I’ll never buy glasses anywhere else. Click here to check out all Eyebuy Direct has to offer.


campusbookrentals_sCampus Book Rentals: Student loans are the worst, it’s how we racked up $75,000 of our debt. So the more you can save on school, the better. Campus Book Rentals‘ mission is to create a sustainable textbook economy. Rent books, save trees, spend less. Win-Win! Click here to see what books Campus Book Rentals has to offer.


Money Managing

everydollarEveryDollar: We use this app daily. It’s free and makes you enter ever transaction manually. For purchase, you can get the Plus version which uploads your purchases to the app but you still have to manually categorize them. In our fully automized world, we forget the significance of telling your money where to go and I think this app brings us back to reality about what we’re spending our money on. Click here to register for EveryDollar.


personal_capital_logo_160px_v1aPersonal Capital: This is a great website that allows you to look at the big picture of your finances all for free. Link it to your checking, savings, loans, investments, etc., and run their retirement planner tool to track your path to retirement. Click here to try out Personal Capital.



bettermentBetterment: For the newbie investor who’s not ready for a full-on financial planner I would recommend Betterment. Their approach to investing is “keep it super simple.” They’ll recommend what amount your emergency fund should be and what your retirement income goal might be. If you’re looking for a no hassle way to start investing then click here to try Betterment.


motif_investingMotif Investing: If you’re ready to invest above and beyond your 401K then I definitely recommend Motif. They charge only a $9.95 for 30 stocks, bonds, or ETFs. If investing is something you’re familiar with and want to diversify with something unique this is a cool option. Click here to check out Motif Investing.


Learn-Vest-LogoLearnvest: If you have no clue where to start with finances then Learnvest might be a good option for you. You can stick with their free account or if you’re really crazy about it you can sign up for their Advisor Program and have access to a financial advisor pretty much any time of day. Click here to check out Learnvest.

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