Free and Cheap Ways to Workout for People who Hate the Gym

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Free and Cheap Ways to Workout

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There are a ton of free and cheap ways to workout without being left to your own devices. Just because you don’t have $125 or even $30 per month to drop on fitness there’s no excuse to not be taking care of your body.

The gym scares me, and I’m a pretty fit person. I have a free membership to the YMCA through one of my jobs and I have never set foot inside the gym part. I do love their Body Pump and Boot Camp classes though.

I need someone telling me what to do or I’ll wander aimlessly between intimidating machines and a few bicep curls. I did Crossfit for two years and absolutely loved it. Not only did I have someone telling me what to do, they showed me how to do it and yelled at me when I was getting lazy.

It wasn’t cheap though. I’m an outspoken advocate for spending money on things that give your life quality, that being said I gave it up last year because we were falling behind on our financial goals.

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Free & Cheap Ways to Workout for People who Hate the Gym


Good ol Groupon always has boot camp and Crossfit deals. The crème de la crème of these is the MetaBody Fitness Pass. You can get 30 classes for as low as $15 and 6 months unlimited for $23. I did one in college that had a TRX gym, dance classes, and tons of yoga. Groupon is the first place I look for local fitness deals.

Meetup is a great way for business owners to advertise themselves so I’ve seen a lot of free and by-donation yoga and fitness classes. You can find activity groups too like pickup soccer and football games and hiking groups. And people on are looking to make friends so the chance of you making motivational fitness friends is very high!

Free Trial Classes

Every gym has a website and every website has a “Try us for Free” tab or button. Why aren’t you taking advantage of all these!? Cycle gyms, boot camps, OrangeTheory, Crossfit boxes, they all offer some sort of free class for prospective customers. This is not something I would solely rely on for you workouts but if you’re going through a slump changing your routine up may be just the thing you need.

Free Fitness Clubs

Bars, restaurants, and running and cycling stores are some of the businesses that host free fitness clubs. We love our Running for Brews Monday night run. You can search for your city + running club to see what’s available or visit your local running store’s Facebook page.

Yoga Events

Saturday and Sunday mornings are prime time for free yoga events. We have one the first Saturday of every month and another Sunday evenings. Studios will host them throughout the year at different places. They’re always outside and always packed (duh, it’s free) but always a good sweat.

Daily Burn

If you prefer to workout at home Daily Burn is an awesome site with a free 30-day trial. They have over 500 workouts to stream and do a new live workout everyday at 9am. They even have a pregnancy workout series which I’ve never seen anywhere else. And if you find yourself addicted after 30 days, it’s only $14.95 p/month.

A husband and wife team who believe fitness should be accessible to everyone. Free full-length workout videos for everyone! They have fitness plans for purchase but if you’re looking for some basic workouts for free Fitness Blender is a great place to start.


What used to be just cat videos has become a treasure trove of high quality video on everything from cooking techniques to car repair. And who hasn’t searched YouTube for videos on how to assemble Ikea furniture? YouTube has hundreds of fitness videos. Skip the search and lick here to see Shape’s picks for the top 10 workout videos on YouTube.


Working out may not seem like a frugal decision but it definitely is. A lifestyle of staying in shape will save you tons of money in doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and medical bills down the road. Fit people get lower life and health insurance rates and can potentially spend less on clothing and at the grocery store.

Staying healthy is a necessity for people trying to save money. And there are even more free and cheap ways to workout than I’ve mentioned. So pick something and get moving!

The post contains affiliate links. Using these links supports my excessive protein shake addiction so I can keep making massive gainz. Cheers!

Free and Cheap Ways to Workout

25 Comments on “Free and Cheap Ways to Workout for People who Hate the Gym”

  1. Girl, this is all kinds of speaking my language!! I HATE the gym. I have tried a few of the youTube videos and like those, but these other ideas are great!! Thanks!!

    1. You’re welcome Melanie! I should probably get shirts made for the gym that say “Tell Me What to Do”

    1. Yeah, I’ve found that some cities have better offers than others but whatever it is it’s still better than sitting at home and blank staring at your gym card.

  2. Great ideas to mix things up. I tend to like walking or doing a yoga DVD at home but sometimes you need a little variety without breaking the bank.

    1. So true. I wish I had the motivation to work out at home, I know so many people who prefer it! I just end up asleep in child’s pose.

  3. Hello Jen, I read your blog and really I liked it so much. I want to spend time in gym, but I am too busy in my office. I always want to become fit. I will definitely follow your tips. Thanks for sharing such a great blog.

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  5. Youtube is the best. Whenever I want to try some workout routines, I just turn on my wifi and watch videos on youtube on topics related to working out. It really work for me since I don’t like reading a lot when it comes to following exercise routines. It’s easier to follow work out routines when you can see how to do it in action via videos uploaded in youtube. Thanks for sharing this post, I think I’ll be trying some of your ideas real soon. By the way, do you have any favorite video blogger that is good to follow on youtube?

    1. I loved the Shape link in the post. I’m always a dash skeptical of people telling me what to do when it could possibly injure me so I trust other trustworthy names in fitness to give me suggestions.

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