How to Find Affordable Acupuncture Near You

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As a licensed acupuncturist and personal finance writer, sometimes I’m given confused looks as the two seemingly don’t coordinate.

But as many of you will know who read my blog and hang out with me on Facebook Live, acupuncture school is how I racked up all my debt and the primary way we paid it off.

So when I had the opportunity to write about affordable acupuncture when I was interning at The Penny Hoarder it was my two worlds perfectly colliding.

I’ve been practicing for about five years and have seen acupuncture work wonders in people. When people ask me what it treats I tell them it can work on anything you wouldn’t go to the emergency room for.

The number of things it treats is really that broad.

“Acupuncture needles elicit immune responses in your body to send appropriate proteins or chemicals to the places they need to go to solve problems.

Say you have a sprained ankle. Acupuncture would be effective in reducing inflammation, blocking pain signals to the brain and speeding up the healing process.”

Community Acupuncture

I’ve spent my entire career practicing in a community acupuncture clinic. Community acupuncture is one part healthcare and one part social justice movement.

It takes the cost barrier out and makes natural alternative healthcare affordable.

Community acupuncture brings treatments back to basics, the way it’s practiced in China. It’s a worldwide movement that takes the cost barrier out of the healing equation.

Treatments take place in recliners in a shared space instead of private treatment rooms, and clinics see a high volume of patients. This model makes the price more affordable at $15-$40 per treatment.”

If you’d like to read my article on the best way to try acupuncture on a budget then head over to The Penny Hoarder and check it out.

Curious About Acupuncture? Here’s a Budget-Friendly Way to Try It Out

And if you want to find a community acupuncture clinic near you visit The People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture’s Locate-a-Clinic or Google “community acupuncture near me”.

Tell Me: Have you ever tried or wanted to try acupuncture? Let me know in the comments if there’s a community clinic near you!

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10 Comments on “How to Find Affordable Acupuncture Near You”

  1. Acupuncture is something I’ve really been looking into for a lot of health reasons, so this post is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing. x

  2. I love acupuncture! I first used it when I was 41 weeks pregnant with my first child. I opted for acupuncture for the first time instead of potentially being induced for labor. It was effective AND inexpensive!!

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