7 Simple Ways to Save on Travel for the 2017 Holidays

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holiday leaves

Whether you’re traveling to see family or skipping out for a much-needed vacation, keep these tips in mind to save on travel to wherever you’re going. I’m going to FinCon next week and I’m super excited not only because I bought my ticket over a year ago but because it’s my last travel of the year. I’m ready to hunker down come November 1st, publish the No-Spend Challenge Guide, and implement all the cool things I learn at FinCon Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling, but it all adds up and this trip is number three for the month … Read More

Best Christmas Gifts for Grandma Under $35

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gifts for grandma

Gifts for Grandma is part one of a ten-part series of gift guides for cheap millennials who want to buy their friends and family gifts but don’t have time to shop. In the two Christmases I was paying off debt I budgeted for gifts for close family and friends but between working three jobs I didn’t have time to look or buy said gifts. And let’s face it, the holidays are the worst time to go shopping anyway. So I put my Amazon browsing addiction to good use and found a ton of awesome and inexpensive gifts I think everyone will … Read More

4 Simple Ways to Stop Overspending Online & Get Back on Budget

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Stop Online Shopping

Step away from the computer and put your credit card down. Shopping online is the easiest thing since pre-sliced bread. The Internet is faster than ever, marketing funnels have a solution for every hesitation you’re feeling, and Amazon, oh Amazon, knows everything I’ve ever wanted and the things I’m going to want. The people who design online shopping experiences are professionals and they are good at what they do. The amount of innovation that’s come out of companies like Amazon and Walmart to get us to buy more with less thought is mind-blowing. There’s a reason Jeff Bezos, CEO of … Read More

Practical Tips to Help You Save Money on All Your Monthly Bills

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Save Money on Utilities

When it comes time for you to save 3-6 months of expenses in your emergency fund, you want your expenses low so you can have more travel money. With all the everyday spending we’re trying to save on, the recurring expenses often get forgotten about. But they take the biggest chunk of our income! I recommend reevaluating each of your monthly expenses at least once a year to make sure you’re getting the lowest price and that none of your providers are taking advantage of you. Here are my top tips for saving on some of the most expensive parts … Read More

14 Times Drake Was Basically Telling You: “You Can Do This!”

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In this journey to pay off debt we could all use a little extra motivation. And I could totally throw you a bunch of Tony Robbins quotes (which I admittedly do on my Instagram) but there’s someone else who just gets it. Drake. He’s not only my music of choice at the gym (other than Despacito) but also a wise sensei with some nuggets of sage wisdom that are directly applicable to millennials paying off debt or saving for a house. So from the mouth of the man who popularized the term YOLO, comes some of the greatest motivational quotes … Read More

How to Regain Motivation After Murphy Hits Like a Hurricane

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Hurricane Irma Fallen Tree

Hurricane Irma hit us hard last week. I’m still adjusting to the destruction she left in her wake and the personal assault she made on my house. You can never prepare perfectly for a hurricane. Meteorologists hype up a storm for a week but you really only have a few hours notice on where it’s going to go. First, we thought it was going into the Atlantic, then the gulf, then right up the state. The day before Irma hit we woke up to reports that the eye was heading straight for our city. We evacuated to Atlanta at the … Read More

We’re Debt Free + Saving with Spunk is 1!

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we're debt free

Today is a special day y’all. Saving with Spunk is one-year-old! And it just so happens that we also became debt free last week! This journey has been so different than I anticipated. I mean, I guess I didn’t know what to expect going into it. I had nothing to compare it to. We were the first people we knew to go full throttle to become debt free. Two years ago today I was a month out from getting married. I knew this journey was coming and I was riding out my last few weeks of freedom with a little … Read More

Why the Myth of Moderation is Keeping you in Debt – And How to Get Out

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myth of moderation

You’ve heard it said “Everything in moderation.” Like your brain will just know when it’s achieved maximum moderation and you’ll be fine. Who actually achieves their ideal of moderation? I know a lot of people who think their addictive or impulsive personality means they can’t do moderation. While there’s something to be said for how genetics and personality affect the purchases we make, overspending and impulsive spending are problems for everyone, regardless of personality type. The idea that moderation must be organically practiced is a myth. Moderation is a skill that takes building and refinement. There are actual steps you … Read More

Tips for De-Cluttering Your House and Getting Paid for it

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Tips for De-Cluttering Your House

When you’re trying not to spend money, there’s no better way to spend your time than making money. And you know what my favorite way to make money is? De-cluttering. I couldn’t make a living off of it but it’s a great way to build an emergency fund or earn a little vacation money. The feeling of a good purge is half the reward anyway. And with the rise of blogs, books, and movies about minimalism, I think you guys agree. Whether you’re venturing into minimalism, doing a No-Spend Challenge or just trying to spend less, getting rid of stuff … Read More

How to Save Money on Groceries Without Clipping a Single Coupon

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how to save money on groceries without coupons

The number one money saving tip people search for on Google is how to save money on groceries. Of course it is, food is one of the few things you need to survive and eating at home is way cheaper than eating out. But it’s also easy to go to the grocery store unprepared and walk out with way more than you can realistically eat. That’s why saving money on groceries is an easy way to drastically cut your spending and pay off your debt faster. I’ll also mention I’m not a huge fan of couponing, sometimes I feel like … Read More