Blink Health Review – How to Find Legit Cheap Prescriptions

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Prescriptions can be costly and often times unavoidable. They can take a tight budget and squeeze the last penny out of it. In my Blink Health review, I look at a company who’s trying to fight the status quo by the numbers.

Having a surprise sickness while you’re paying off debt is not fun. Not only do you miss out on work and lose out on income, but the cost of doctor visits and prescriptions adds up fast.

I see myself as a pretty healthy millennial. I’m not stressed, I eat a primarily plant-based diet, and I do Crossfit 3 times per week. But I still need prescriptions filled at least twice a year.

I had shingles and that was three prescriptions, bronchitis that was four prescriptions, and I’m on birth control, which I try my best to buy in bulk.

Even the healthiest of us need to get prescriptions filled and Lord knows they’re not cheap, even when you have insurance. And it sucks when the pharmacy with the lowest price is all the way out in Timbuktu while the pharmacy down the street’s prices make you want to just cut your bronchioles out.

I’m not the only person upset by this. Brothers Geoffrey and Matthew Chaiken founded Blink Health to make premium discounts available to uninsured and under-insured individuals.

How Does Blink Health Work?

You’ve used Groupon, right? (If you haven’t you should get on that.) Blink Health is like Groupon for medications. They’ve negotiated contracts with pharmacies to bypass the insurance company and pass the savings to you.

If you’re prescribed one of the 15,000 medications Blink offers discounts on you can choose one of the 60,000 pharmacies they partner with to have it filled. You can drop it off or have it called in by your doctor’s office.

You then look up your medication on the Blink Health app or website and pay through there. You’ll receive a receipt with a barcode that the pharmacy scans when you pick up your medication. You pay nothing at the actual pharmacy.

Is Blink Health Legit?

Blink Health is definitely legit. They can offer low prices on prescriptions because they have a contract with pharmacy benefit broker MedImpact. They use MedImpact’s network of over 60,000 pharmacies to lock in a single price for consumers wherever they fill their prescriptions.

So now medication prices that were previously reserved for people with cream-of-the-crop insurance policies are available to everyone.

Reasons to use Blink Health:

  • The Blink price is lower than your insurance copay
  • The medication isn’t covered by your insurance
  • You don’t have any prescription drug coverage

Blink Health Reviews

In the past, I’ve used coupon codes from GoodRx to get cheaper prescription prices. Blink Health is different from Good Rx in that you pay the same low price no matter what pharmacy you go to. No more driving out of your way to save money.

And medications might be the one thing people don’t like delivered to their door. Unlike online pharmacies like Health Warehouse, Blink allows you to pick up your meds at your pharmacy, with your pharmacist. There’s no medication sitting out in the heat or potential for important drugs to be stolen. Your prescription is safe at the pharmacy until you pick it up.

Blink Health Complaints

While Blink Health partners with most major pharmacies it doesn’t partner with Walgreens or Duane Reade, which could prove inconvenient if you like those pharmacies. Other than that, all but one of the reviews I’ve read have been positive with no problems using the bar code and everyone saving a significant amount of money, insured and uninsured alike.

And if for some reason you fill your prescription at a non-partner pharmacy, all prescriptions on Blink are 100% refundable.

As more people sign up for Blink Health the prices will continue to decrease, as the company will have more leverage to negotiate with MedImpact. And everyone gets $15 off their first purchase, no expiration and no coupon code required!

So unless you’re Bruce Willis’ character in Unbreakable, I highly suggest signing up for an account and giving them a try the next time you have a prescription to fill.

Saving this for next time I have to fill a prescription. Easy way to save money!

6 Comments on “Blink Health Review – How to Find Legit Cheap Prescriptions”

  1. Checking this out! thank you so much for sharing. We couldn’t afford health insurance this year so we ended up on a private cost sharing plan that doesnt cover prescriptions. And between all of our monthly meds we spend about $150 a month. I’m going to look and see if this site will help us save on them!

    1. You’re welcome Brittany! We are on healthcare sharing as well and I’m always looking for ways to save on what they don’t cover.

  2. Aww man, I read this right after I picked up my prescription! Pinned your post for next time, though! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome info.

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