10 Best Personal Finance Podcasts for Millennials

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Best Personal Finance Podcasts

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I have to say I don’t consider myself a big podcast person. While everyone else was hopping on the Serial train I was like “Can I have more Justin Beiber?” I’ll admit it, I listen to whatever’s on the radio when I get in the car. I’m too lazy and usually running too late to decide what I want to listen to, which album/episode, AND plug it into my car.

But sometimes there’s just too much Beiber on the radio and I’m forced to find other options. I try NPR sometimes but for some reason, I feel like they’re always playing BBC NewsHour.

I’ve always wanted to be more of a podcast person. I hear about all these great speakers but again, I don’t have enough time to sift through hundreds of podcasts and thousands of episodes… Unless I’m doing it for a blog post.

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So I’ve gone on the hunt for some financial podcasts to give me life. I scoured the internet for other people’s recommendations and even picked some out of my own brain! I wanted this post to focus primarily on money podcasts but if you read to the end you’ll get my little bonus suggestion for total podcast domination of your next road trip.

Most of the posts I found had a lot of the same big names (like other people thought about googling best finance podcasts before they wrote a post about finance podcasts) so I used the logical approach and only included the ones I want to listen to. So here ya go.

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn has a lot of professional pictures on his website and makes over six figures a month (as displayed on the header of his site) so he seems to have it goin on. His podcast is about building an ethical online business that makes you money while you sleep. I’m all about this.
Episode of interest: Types of Passive Income and What to Expect From Each (Parts 1-3)

The Dave Ramsey Show

This one comes on the radio at a time I’m usually in the car so I’ve heard Dave answer the same questions for over a year. After reading his books and listening for so long I can predict with certainty his answer every time. Honestly, I listen for the debt free screams. They are the best thing about this show and never get old. There’s one every hour and I get weepy about once a week hearing people’s stories. Other than that it’s him answering questions and promoting his team’s books.
Episode of Interest: They’re all similar so you can’t go wrong with any



Yes, it’s one word. BiggerPockets is the ultimate real estate investing podcast. It’s all about passive income through renting out houses and apartments and flipping. My husband and I are interested in fixer uppers when we buy a house, especially one with a second unit so I’m interested in flipping and landlord-ing.
Episode of Interest: Live-In Flips, Frugality, and Finance.


Stacking Benjamins 

I’ve read that this is the lighter side of personal finance and if there’s one thing I’m interested in, it’s being light. I’m excited to try this one because the only way to manage your money is with a good laugh (after a good cry.)
Episode of Interest: Our 400th Episode


Money For the Rest of us

I like reading people’s “About Me” page to get a feel for if I’m going to relate to them. From what I can tell, David Stein knows how to have a good time. He also knows his stuff about investing and the global and national impact of the economy on your personal finances. Sometimes I forget that countries out there (and over here!) are as foolish with their money as we are, now David is going to tell me why I should care about that and what to do.
Episode of Interest: What Drives Home Prices?


Listen Money Matters 

I’d like to mention when I typed in “listen” to Google, thankfully the first suggested result was Listen Money Matters but the second was “listen to Rush Limbaugh.” Why? From the looks of it this is the personal finance podcast for bros. Mostly investing and making money topics.
Episode of Interest: Advanced IRA Strategies


The Clark Howard Show

This guy stands for what I believe in: Saving. He has tons of books on saving, a daily radio show and his own app, who doesn’t dream of having an app solely to stream your voice to people? He even has a “Free and Cheap” page on his website. My hero.
Episode of Interest: Too many


Radical Personal Finance

Joshua Sheats has an exceptionally organized website. For any finance question you could have he has episodes categorized and sub-categorized. I appreciate that.
Episode of Interest: Pay Attention to the Little Habits 


The Side Hustle Show 

I recently discovered Nick Loper and the Side Hustle Show and I’m a fan. I have no shame that the cheesy announcer voice at the beginning is my favorite part, besides the useful information from top notch guests. Many great enterprises start as a side hustle, a few hours a night to eventual freelance freedom. If you haven’t found your soul hustle then you need to check this podcast out.
Episode of Interest: The 5 Step System to Quit Your Job In the Next 12 Months


Personal Profitability

Eric defines the four pillars of personal profitability as earning more, spending mindfully, growing your wealth, and living a better life. So his podcast is about those things. It was hard picking one topic
Episode of Interest: Get Out of Debt with Conscious Spending



Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me 

This is less of a podcast and more of the most entertaining 60 minutes you’ll ever experience coming from a radio. I have to admit that I am obsessed with this show, We even went to see it live when we were in Chicago last year. Peter Sagal hosts this circus of a news comedy variety hour and laughs will ensue the whole time.
Episode of Interest: Any episode with Paula Poundstone

Thanks to Olyvia.co, DebtFreeGuys.com, and WallstreetSurvivor.com for populating this list of best personal finance podcasts.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Making purchases through these links helps me get out of debt so maybe I can start my own podcast one day. Cheers!

Best Personal Finance Podcasts

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  1. I’m a huge podcast person and love discovering new ones. Thanks so much for sharing these! I will definitely download a few of them today.

    Xoxo Amber

  2. These are great podcasts. I have listened to the Dave Ramsey show and Passive income, but I am excited to listen to the rest of these. Thanks for sharing!

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