How to Run a 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon for Cheap

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Dest Damn Race Blitz

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Update 3/8/17: Shortly after the publishing of this article Best Damn Race stopped offering race entries for $1. Instead, they’ve opted to add hundreds of discounted race entries to all their races. While I’m sad about the loss of the blitz this is a great move for BDR and gives many more runners the chance to run a dream race at an affordable price (I mean, the 5K starts at $15, we can’t complain too much.) 🙂

I have a love/ hate relationship with running. I love saying I’m a runner, I enjoy the feeling of finishing a run, and runners are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I hate doing the running. Some may find this sadistic, but I’m already committed so I’m going to keep running til my knees give out.

I’m the most non-competitive person you’ll ever meet, I hate comparing myself to others but when it’s just me, trying to beat my own time or distance record, I’m relentless. That’s why I love races. (Also for medals and T-shirts.)

But the average price for a 5K is $20-$50 and for a half marathon, it’s $65-$105. If you’re an avid runner or even an occasional runner like me, they can add up quick. And if you’re a beginning runner I know how intimidating it can be deciding which race to try first.

That’s why Nick Zivolich created the Best Damn Race Series. Yep, that’s really what it’s called. According to their website, Best Damn Race (BDR) is a race by runners, for runners (even if you don’t consider yourself one.) And with a motto like “Run, Eat, Drink, Party” you can be sure I’m obsessed.

They want you to have the best DAMN race experience no matter your pace or distance.


They started with races in Florida and in 2017 have branched out to New Orleans. All events include a 5K, 10K (minus NOLA), and half marathon and the perks are awesome. They include the standard T-shirt and medal but you also get FREE race photos (minus NOLA) and FREE massages at the after party (where there’s free food and beer, sign me up!)

They have a rewards program too. For every 10 BDR races you register for, you get one free race entry. And sometimes running these races can get a little, visually boring. So BDR gives incentive to homes/ businesses along the route to the tune of a $1000 in prize money for assembling the best cheer station on the route.

But the thing Best Damn Race is famous for: The blitz. BDR’s registration blitz allows runners to register for races for as little as $1! That’s crazy! Each non-challenge race starts out with registrations 1-10 for $1, then $5 for participants 11-20, $10 for participants 21-30, $15 for participants 31-40, and upwards from there.

Since cutting the blitz, Best Damn Race can now offer over 500 more discounted race entries. While the blitz was a thrill, this is a great move forward for BDR. Now instead of only 50 people getting a great price the first 200 registration for each distance get the lowest price available. That $15 for the 5K, $20 for the 10K, and $35 for the half marathon.

If you’ve run races before you know that’s still a super good deal, and if you haven’t… it’s a super good deal.

I made sure my RunSignUp was up to date for registration, which happens throughout the month of March. Here’s the current schedule of registration openings for the 2018 season:

Best Damn Race Jacksonville, FL: Now Open

Best Damn Race Safety Harbor, FL: Now Open

Best Damn Race Orlando, FL: Now Open

Best Damn Race New Orleans, LA: Now Open

I’m pretty stoked for this race and I’ll keep you posted on how I fare. Anyone else planning on trying their hand at the blitz?

Best Damn Race

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  1. Wow!! I had no idea that existed. So cool!! Race fees are sometimes a hinderance to doing multiple ones a year, but this really takes care of that obstacle.

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