Aldi Grand Opening and What to Expect From Aldi’s Redesign

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Aldi St. Pete, FL

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Aldi has announced the opening of 2500 more stores through 2022 and one of those stores is down the street from me. Have a peek at Aldi’s new design and all the perks that come from visiting opening week!

Do I love anything more than Aldi? Other than my husband, probably not.

So when developers broke ground on what was to be a new Aldi less than 5 minutes from my new house, I was excited, to say the least. I’ve been waiting forever to share with you the awesomeness that is the new Aldi and they did not disappoint!

That’s right, not only is Aldi more than doubling its current number of stores, over 1300 existing stores are getting a facelift by 2020. Chances are you’re going to be seeing the new face of Aldi in the near future and I’m here to spoil the surprise.

New Aldi Stores Opening

Aldi currently has stores opening in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Whew!

Aldi Grand Opening

A few days before the Aldi grand opening we got a flier in the mail announcing the date and time of the event. Save the flier because on the back there’s a $5 off $30 coupon!

Aldi doesn’t accept manufacturer coupons and I never see Aldi coupons so this may be the first and last time you’ll get your hands on them.

Our Aldi actually opened the day before the “grand opening” so if you’re looking to get a peek before the crowds I’d stop by the day before. I waited until day-of to get the full experience and while I got a free Aldi reusable shopping bag I would’ve preferred to avoid the masses.

Aldi Grand Opening

Produce at my new Aldi

When I walked in I was pretty surprised by how refined the store looked. I’m used to walking into Aldi’s warehouse style building and walking their familiar maze. The new Aldi looks modern and colorful.

The layout was more open and the navigation was customizable. It was easy to bypass one busy aisle for a less crowded one and head back later. The carts are bigger but still require a 25 cent deposit. 🙂

Aldi Grand Opening

Open aisles at my new Aldi

At the grand opening, they were giving out large reusable bags at the door. It looked like they had no shortage so even customers near the end of the day could get one. And if you come between noon and 5 PM they gave free samples of their store brand items.

Aldi Grand Opening

New Aldi bag and cold brew coffee! eee!

Aldi Coupons

Here’s the real reason to shop at Aldi at least once during the opening week: Aldi Coupons. With every purchase during the first week, you’ll get 3 more $5 off $30 coupons that expire in staggering weeks.

So in addition to saving around 50% on traditional grocery store prices, you’ll get $5 off! I broke my grocery haul into 2 trips so I could use my flier coupon the first round and my first coupon from the pack on my second trip. That way I got another three coupons!

It’s a great method if you can’t make $30 of groceries last a week. I can so I used my extra grocery haul to make a bunch of freezer meals so I could take full advantage of all those coupons!

Aldi Grand Opening

Aldi coupons for weekz!

And once you’re finished shopping you can put your name in a drawing to win free produce for a year. I think it was $10-$14 per week for 52 weeks so about $600 in an Aldi gift card. I’d take it!

There’s so much more to come with Aldi and if you’ve been skeptical or disliked it in the past you’ll appreciate all the things they’re doing. They’re improving customer’s shopping experience while staying true to its goal: saving people money.

Do you love Aldi as much as I do? Maybe even more than I do? Let me know in the comments! and tag me in your grand opening pictures on Instagram @savingwithspunk!

I love Aldi shopping and I had no clue all the Aldi secret cool stuff you can get at a grand opening!

18 Comments on “Aldi Grand Opening and What to Expect From Aldi’s Redesign”

  1. I LOVE Aldi! We have a few here in Central Florida – and it’s the only place we shop! Granted, they don’t have evvvverything we need all the time, but the necessities food wise for sure! I was wondering – HOW did you get coupons from them?

  2. I went to our Aldi grand opening and loved it. Got a free bag, got a gift certificate for $10 off and loved those coupons they offered for a little while. I really like Aldi and love their prices and all their great products.

  3. I have been wanting this store in my area. I hope that one of those locations include my hometown =)

    Lydia |

  4. Oh, I love Aldi! There’s one opening down the road from my house. I’ll be watching my mail for that flier. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  5. Aldi is probably my favorite grocery store too, altho there are a few brands that I have to get from another store, I get 80 percent of our groceries from Aldi. I did see the cold brew coffee but didn’t get it yet. How did you like it? Yeah for their redesign, because it does feel a little more upscale than their original warehouse design. 🙂

    1. Same. I try to just nix things I can’t get at Aldi but I do have to go elsewhere about once a month. I swear by their cold brew. I’m going to get more today if they have it!

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