I’m Jen. I’m a twentysomething on budget with an uber-frugal husband. We got married on October 3rd, 2015 with $78,000 of debt between us. We paid it off in 23 months and have been debt free since August 31st 2017!

I started Saving with Spunk to help my friends and other millennials who want to pay off debt learn to do it efficiently, stay motivated on the journey and have some laughs along the way.

10 Things About Me:

1. More than anything, I want to love all people like Jesus loves people (not very good at it but always improving.)

2. I’m a pescatarian.

3. I love iced coffee.

4. My day job is as an acupuncturist (yes it works, and we treat anything you wouldn’t go to the emergency room for.)

5. I’ve done four half marathons and have no desire to do a full. I think I’ll stick to 10Ks and 15Ks from now on.

6. My other side hustle is designing T-Shirts.

7. I worked as a caregiver at foster group homes for three years and hope to be a foster mom in the near future.

8. I love crossfit. I am the worst at Crossfit. I talk about crossfit only to make it seem like I’m fit.

9. My husband and I met at his house and the only reason I talked to him is because I’d already had three glasses of wine. I will never start a blog about dating.

10. The other reason I started a blog is to have an excuse to look at more gifs.

Growing up no one taught me about personal finance. There was never any talk about retirement, investing, or life insurance. When I went to college I had no clue how to pay for it so I took out loans and a credit card to get by. This is not just my story, 42% of our generation have student loans averaging upwards of $28K and consumer debt on top of it.

I want to prove to all the haters that you can live on a budget and still play hard. I want to encourage you and help you along your journey in doing the same. So if you’re ready to live on the edge of personal finance and like a little confetti,

let’s be friends.