11 Get-Togethers That are Better Than Going Out

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Sustaining your debt payoff momentum can be difficult and isolating. Since I’m all about journey over destination, here are 11 get-togethers that can bring friends to you and not affect your budget.

1. Game Night

Games are the gifts that keep on giving. They’re reusable (as long as you can keep track of the pieces) and always a new experience. Everyone has a copy of Monopoly but oh my friend, games have evolved since we were kids.

Some games we love that are good for groups big and small are Saboteur, Catan, and Munchkin. You’ll be arguing about game playing strategies for weeks!

2. Clothing Swap

This is a great way to get rid of clothes you can’t sell at Plato’s or on thredUP. Everyone brings the clothes they’re ready to get rid of and leaves with a few new pieces to add to their wardrobe.

Bring the leftovers to your local thrift store and not only did you just have some sweet time with friends, you decluttered!

3. Pantry Party

The alternative to the potluck is the pantry party. The challenge is to raid your pantry (for some it might not be a challenge) and make a dish to share. You can only use foods you already have, no buying extras!

4. Workout

I love getting active with friends and the accessibility of online workouts makes it easy to do at home. Daily Burn has hundreds of different types of workouts, the library rents them out, and YouTube is basically an online gym class.

And everyone knows someone who did the 21 Day Fix or Insanity so it should be pretty easy to find something to get you sweaty!

5. Movie Night

Sitting on the couch staring at the TV is probably my favorite thing to do at the end of the day. I’m not even embarrassed. Since we don’t have cable we opt for whatever’s on Netflix.

There’s always time for a movie night when your favorite streaming service adds new movies and documentaries!

6. Make Art

Remember that hobby or Pinterest craft you bought all the stuff for but never finished? I’m sure your friends have one too. This is a great time to gather all that yarn, lace, hot glue, and fabric and make something beautiful.

And if you’re not the crafty type, adult coloring books are actually really fun.

7. Bible Study

A year ago my husband and I were feeling really isolated on our debt payoff journey. It’s hard to say no to your friends who are obsessed with going out. So we decided we needed to add some relationships to our arsenal and strengthen others.

We started a bible study through our church that met at different houses every week. Even though we were working 3 jobs each we knew that sharing the journey with people we love is more important than the destination.

Maybe it’s not a bible study for you; maybe it’s a running club or Meetup. Whatever it is I highly recommend putting aside your “busy” mentality to make room for friends.

8. Group Yard Sale

If you and your friends all have a little to sell then you could end up with a big group yard sale. And having more people to advertise for your sales increases your $$$ making possibilities!

Read my post about how to have a successful garage sale then gather your friends and get doing a declutter happy dance.

9. Grill Out

One of your friends will have a grill, if not, you can find them for very cheap on OfferUp. I like to pull out all my unused veggies and invite friends to bring their own meat.

10. Listening Party

New album who dis? For all you music lovers, listening parties are a cool way to get people together and bond over tunes. Then spend hours on YouTube finding out their personal history. No? Just me?

11. Murder Mystery

I once ended up at a murder mystery party by accident. Everyone was dressed in period costumes and I was running around in jeans trying to solve these clue with people I’d never met. But it was really fun.

I’m not saying you have to dress up and make themed cocktails but pretending to be someone you’re not is a great ice breaker and a unique way to spend an evening!

What are some of your favorite get-togethers and ways to entertain friends on a budget?

Ways to hang out with friends for free while on a no spend challenge. Love the murder mystery party idea!

20 Comments on “11 Get-Togethers That are Better Than Going Out”

  1. Oooh, I like these ideas! I typically default to “lets get a drink”… but when we try something new or fun like a movie night, backyard grilling party or game night, we have a blast!

  2. As a South African, a BBQ is the BEST party to have 🙂 But I also love going to games nights (as long as there is no one that gets too competitive!) I have always wanted to go to a murder mystery eve but never been – perhaps we need to create one for our friends!

  3. These are such great and unique ideas! I love the make your own art idea! I have so many craft supplies that I would like to use up…this would be a great way to do it!

    Another good idea would be a group wine tasting…everyone brings one bottle of wine under a certain amount of money and everyone gets to try each others’ choices!

    1. Awesome idea Amanda! I thought about doing a party with whatever liquor you’ve had in your cabinet the longest or haven’t drunk in a long time to enlist friends to help you finish it off.

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